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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Oh my god people, so sorry. I've been distracted by copious ammounts of Facebook and shinies in the guise of Take That. Somehow along the lines I've become one of Facebook's bastions of Jason Orange and all because of a group I created just randomly. Made tons of facebook friends from Germany and well just everywhere. Made icons.. of Take That.

I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING A BAD LJ FRIEND, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! (you can blame Howard, Mark, Gary, (to a lesser extent) Robbie, and Jason.. ESP. JASON.)

TELL ME HOW EVERYONE IS DOING? I HAVE STUFF TO DO TONIGHT ON LJ ANYWAYS (like make graphics for new journal layout.. if I don't then shuufish may very well kill me.) SO I WILL CHECK FRIENDS PAGE. (I feel so bad -_- )

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Hehe, it's all right...you're forgiven! *hugs* Other things just came up, is all. No need to feel bad. :)

...And as for us, we're doing okay. Same old, same old. ♥

Yeah, I know.. it's just that I've just been riding the excitement and high of the new Take That album. I don't regret it, because I've fallen in love with this album and all of it's nuances. Drop dead in love with it! ♥

Glad you're doing alright. And yay for Suiko icons early in the morning!

That's good then! :D

Haha, Suikoden icons are always appropriate at any time of day! XD ♥

Don't worry about it! :) No harm done! These things happen all the time :D

Not much is going on with me - just school stuff, really. ♥

Layout is gooooooood. I won't kill you though because I love you. ♥

Icon for inspiration, yes?

ABSOLUTELY. Very very inspired! ♥

Don't worry, I've done this too. Your happiness is what counts~

... this post came up on my Jason Orange google alerts post :P

Oh my god, that's really special. X_x

Aw don't feel bad. Rl comes first, yes? I'm just happy to hear that you're well and happy. =)

No worries. :3 Offline life is way more important. ^_^

Eh, could be better. I think I'm getting the almighty cold, so... yeah. :/

I hope you're doing well. ^^

I am riding high on my grand Take That obsession which is a good thing except I'm finding myself neglecting tons of things in lieu. Which I shouldn't. :(

It's alright. You'll get back on track. ;) Absorb the things that make you happy. You'll remember to cling to them in hard times.

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