Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: Two bits of goodies for all of you :

First of all, BBC radio. Take That's "Kidz" songs played on BBC Radio 1 (thank you to shuufish for keeping a lookout on it.)

KIDZ TAKE THAT ( from BBC Radio1 )
Uploaded by marika1823. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

This song is simply amazing. It's very different from what they have ever done, but it's new and different and that's what makes it epic. I simply can't wait for this album and I'm just going. "Is it monday yet?" (even though I don't get my physical copy for a week or two *sad day*). This album is going to be BRILLIANT. (and hey, Take That does "anti-establishment". OH WOW!)

But but I have something else for you all.

Thirty second previews of all the songs on their albums. Now yes, I had resolved that if I had found something else I wouldn't download it or even listen to it because I wanted to be surprised. However it was hard for me to do that. I am not sorry for listening to this at all. It just makes me want the CD all the more.

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