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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So we had Take That releasing "The Flood" single today.  Unfortunately there was no B-side on it (I feel jipped) and hence the countdown starts to the release of "Progress" in approximately 7 days.  See, I has a sexy Jason icon, and one day I'll make a Mark icon of the same set.   But honestly I really got excited when I saw that the director for Take That's new album was also in charge of my most favorite New Order song ever, Guilt is a Useless Emotion since that was such a brilliant song.   Yeah, I know it's not going to be similar to what they have done, it's gonna be progressive (ahaha see, Progress) but I'm excited for it, really excited.

I'll also likely find it for download somewhere, and since I do have my hard copy coming, I'll download it.   Progress will be my car copy because there wll be a few months where I will listen to NOTHING but that CD in my car.

Take That fever has hit me pretty hardcore, and you guys will probably be like "OH GOD JYUU STOP IT, STOP THE MADNESS".  But I just can't help it.   So I apologize.

if me prattling on about Take That over and over makes you want to un-add me.  While it'll make me sad, go ahead.. unfortunately this is my big big big music-love and I will fangirl it, shamelessly.

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There is supposed to be a b-side on the physical version of the single. I'll let you know tomorrow :) I'm gonna buy it then.

I get you about the TT thing... I mean, if you are flipping all the way in the US, how do you think I feel? It's almost too much!

I can not WAIT for the album and it just amazes me, judging by how many people have actually heard the album and have gotten it already that the album hasn't leaked online! Which I both find cool and frustrating. I would download it I'm sad to say but I'd also buy it when it comes out :P

Also.. LOOOOOVE your Jason icon!! Did you do it? I need to find me a new one somewhere...

Oh yes I did. I do all the icons that I make on this journal. If you give me a picture of an icon you want, I can usually do it. Not good at animated icons though.

Well please please tell me. Because I really do want to know if there's a b-side, I just saw the single information and I was sad because there was no b-side information.

Some bands I do download, but then there are my favorite bands which I just support beyond belief (Like Take That) and hence I will support it. I would listen to the leak.. but I wouldn't feel bad because I already paid zweilous who pre-ordered the album for me ( I have to rely on brit friends to get things done). Can't wait to hear it, oh boy. (yes I am flipping out, majorly!)

Yeah, I'd download it but I'd buy it immediately when it comes out haha :D

And I LOVE your icons! I might just take you up on that offer - I just have to find a pic. Although I love Jason in the pic from the Guardian, which you used. Could you maybe do me an icon from that pic too :P

It must suck to live somewhere where it is so hard to get the TT stuff :(

Oh goodness, indeed it is.. I wish I could just go and buy stuff right off the shelf.. it's sad that I can't.

And oh I know, that picture is just really really hot, I fell in love with that picture of him, just as I fell in love with him in The Flood music video.

To me Jason just grows hotter and hotter.

fangirl all you want, dear. I love it! I'm the same way with stuff I adore as well. ;)

Oh goodness, you know.. it's the only way to go! yay for fangirling! ♥

damnit! you've fangirled over them for so long i finally gave in and listened to them... now i'm infected ;w; you keep it up and you'll convert your whole flist.

Ahahaha, I winzors. What have you listened to.. and when push comes to shove, another question is.. do you want any more of their stuff? *since I have most of it*

Fangirl all you want, I think it's nice that you have something that you can be so enthusiastic about :) Lol, you even made me curious about Take That and I actually listened to "The Flood" XD

I did, actually :) I'm not saying it's going to be my new favourite song, but it was good :) And the video was interesting, too.

Is it bad that I've been listening to nothing but Take That today?

NO IT IS NOT! (Take That loves us and wants us to be happy, trufax! That whole Robbie thing.. well don't know what to say about that)

It's okay about Robbie, we can just pretend he's Danny.

Have I told you lately that I love you? I love you and your NKOTB references too... ♥

Ahhh NKOTB, why are you so inferior to Take That? ILU too! ♥ ♥ ♥

Because unlike Take That, NKOTB still thinks they are 20-something trying to pick up college women on the beach? *snort*


Oh yeah, and none of the members of Take That are balding either. ♥ ♥ ♥

Yeah, Donnie seriously needed to invest in a toupee or something. -_-

It's just a little reminder that college girls are just a little bit out of his league.

Oh god, I know. There comes a point where you just start looking like that Dirty Old Man that you never thought you'd grow up to be, especially being in NKOTB.

Is The Flood a sad song? I don't know whether I should listen to it or not considering I listened to Back For Good yesterday and ended up bawling. xD

You know, I saw that and after reading your post I was like "Oh my god that is the WRONG Take That song to listen to" You may want to try "Shine" since that's a very positive song. As for "The Flood" it's not really about relationships or anything, it's really just a song about surviving.


You may like it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwC1Ctrj6Xk&ob=av2e but Shine is very positive and it's hard to remain in a sad mood when you hear it (also that's what song I'd pick as my mantra in order to feel better!)

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