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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Take Thattery and Other Misc :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Well at least on this vacation I managed to get -one- episode of Kaichou wa Maid-Sama watched and maybe sometime before Christmas I will be able to finish it. Sorry, though.. my brain has been thoroughly taken over by Take That as to be expected. I am trying to hold out on the insane Take That icon making until I get the CD (of which I found out that the release date HAS BEEN MOVED UP TO NOVEMBER 15th). That means now only 12 days, and then some odd when I actually have the CD version in my HOT LITTLE HANDS (am I going to grab a download of it if I see it? Of course, I did pay for it as zweilous can attest to since she's my courier *doesn't that sound so official?*)

Though it did lead to an interesting discussion honestly. It was something I talked about with shuufish, it was the fact that on their next concert, there was the fact that Robbie was going to play some of his solo stuff, Take That as a foursome was going to play their stuff and then the fivesome was going to play as well. Just to keep all camps happy. However Robbie in one of the interviews asked Gary if he could sing on "Shine", "Greatest Day" and "Rule the World"


Now I was against the whole solo stuff in the concert to begin with. Still am. Take That plays as Take That in my mind's eye. You got back together as a group, you will play as a group. That includes Rule the World and Greatest Day if they choose to sing those songs. If Robbie does any of his solo stuff now, I will think it grossly unfair, because he's playing on songs that were composed when he wasn't with the actual group (unless he lets them all chorus in on "Angels") I'm still of the opinion that they got back together as a group, it's not Take That + Robbie Williams, it's Take That. There is individuality in the group, however they are still a team.

On an un-takethat related note.

Wanted to watch more Star Driver but I can't.. NOT UNTIL I FINISH KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA.

Also got to go to Nashville, picked up the best tea ever. Earl Gray Creme mixed with Strawberry Paradiso. That's like heaven in my mouth

Disclaimer: The author of this journal is not against Robbie Williams however he is number five on a favorite list where the jump between five and four is a chasm.

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(Deleted comment)
He's supposed to do some of his solo songs yes, however he wants in on the other songs. Once again, I'm only with this if in fact they all sing his solo stuff.

There are many lines here, not all of them are clear but hopefully it'll all come together (and yeah, I do like some of his solo stuff too, absolutely.)

I'm just an equality nut, I know that Jason doesn't sing as much as the band, and Howard sings alot but not as much as Gary and Mark, and it works that way BUT BUT BUT.. they've made their own equality, hopefully it works out better in actuality then in theory.

And I was like "Well Gary did solo stuff, maybe he should have a solo or something" but then Jennie was like "But Gary wouldn't totally do that" and then I agreed, Gary might of earlier on but he's fantastic now, and I'm just constantly impressed by him.. he may be my fourth favorite Take That member but they are so close that being fourth isn't a bad thing AT ALL

...So he wants to take part in songs that he didn't originally sing with them and still do some of his own solo stuff as well without the band singing with him? O_O That doesn't seem very fair. It should be equally balanced!

In essence yes. All I'm saying is that they had better be a Take That-ish inspired chorus on his solo stuff or else I'm going to protest.

Exactly! That seems like the only fair thing to do.

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