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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


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: 30 Days of Anime - Day #2 :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Day 2 - Favorite anime You’ve watched so far

Twelve Kingdoms - Juuni Kokki

There were few that I sort of considered because in order for it to be a good anime, it really has to affect me in some way. I undertook this project Christmas of 2008 or 2007, one of those instances where I was home alone and I decided to work my way through all of Twelve Kingdoms. A good series is one that I watch all through to the end, a great series is one that I watch in a week. That was what happened with Twelve Kingdoms. I watched this series in 7 days, I'd come home from work, watch it.. I'd wake up, watch an episode or two then go to work. And the very end, the actual end which comes at around episode 48, not at 52, when Youko makes her first law of her reign has to be one of the most intense and awe inspiring scenes ever. Such a good series and I'm sorta sad that I don't have any icons for this series. It's heavy on politics and intrique around the very end, but this anime is fantastic and worth a watch if you want an anime sort of like Fushigi Yuugi, but without the wangst.

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God, I totally agree with everything said here. Yoko developed so much over the course of the series and the buildup is just perfect for those amazing sequences, like when she reveals she's the queen of Kei. I mean, just amazing.

This is probably my favorite anime, tied with Utena. I just wish it got more love.

Generally when I start out not liking a character, I tend to just not like the series in general. I watched the first episode two years previously and was like "I'm not sure I even like Yoko." so I put it on hold, then I read the novel and thought "Well okay I'll give the anime a try" and then I couldn't stop watching it.

Yoko went from being tres annoying to actually growing some and I think that as far as characters go, she's the most dynamic that I've ever witnessed. She really and truly comes into her own.

I completely agree with your comment. This series is amazing, and it pretty much cemented it for me when she reveals she's the queen of Kei. Even her voice (in the Japanese anyway) sounds significantly different when that happens.

This anime really was excellent because of it's depth of plot and because all of the characters in it were so very memorable, at least, I thought so!

Oh I agree so completely.. and the characters were memoriable. I mean there are certain characters (ahem that one numbnut who wants to be Queen of Kei) but for the most part really awesome and with just a wonderful plot.

Haha.. I agree. It's a shame that the anime ended so soon and just before they were going to get to Taiki again.

I know.. oh goodness.. Taiki. :( one of my favorite characters too, him, Youko and Emperor En.

Taiki is just precious.

...The Twelves Kingdoms is a fantastic series. I was spellbound when I watched it first. Youko is an amazing main character, and many of the other characters were just really unique and interesting too (Rakushun in particular just really burrowed himself into our hearts). :D

A good series is one that I watch all through to the end, a great series is one that I watch in a week.
~Yes, I agree with this sentiment whole-heartedly! ♥

Yeah, the characters were wonderful and the premise. I wish more anime were as engaging as Twelve Kingdoms (and Rakushun.. all kinds of cute!)

I love Twelve Kingdoms♥ I still need to finish it. :~


(Deleted comment)
Taiki was precious and I loved him to death, was sorry to see that they never got into the whole "RESCUE TAIKI" thing.

I've had the first boxset for 3 years now, but I didn't actually take the time to watch until last year. It was amazing. I think that scene where Yoko goes against the monkey (her sheath) is one of the most greatest things I've seen in anime.

I can't wait to save up and buy the second boxset and collect the novels.

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