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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I have found THE sexiest picture of Izaya.

I don't know why it's sexy to me, maybe it's because in this picture he actually looks a bit manly and that to me is attractive.

But anyways.. here.

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Yeah, he definitely looks like he could take Shizzy-chan in a fight nao.

(Deleted comment)
He's from the anime series "Durarara!!" which is truly an excellent type series, you'd probably enjoy it.

(Deleted comment)
Oh no, I posted that up. *heh's* you'd like it.. and the Shizuo/Izaya subtext nearly bleeds. AHAHA ME EXONERATE MYSELF>> NAH!

(Deleted comment)
yes yes YES!

another convert. mwhahaha.

Lol, he looks like post-timeskip Izaya, or something :D But definitely better than the skinny anime version :DD

Yeah I know, that looks like something YOU COULD CHEW ON!

Well, that sure is inspiration to go pick up where I left off RIGHT NOW. I got distracted by Monster around episode 4 of Durarara!!

It's okay, Monster is a damn good series to get distracted by. Durarara!! is good but honestly, Monster is a classic (dr. tenma ♥ )

Even though I've only seen 3 of Durarara!!, I can totally agree with that already. I started Monster and wound up watching 23 episodes in two days and the only reason I stalled was a migraine.

I still can't wait to finish watching Durarara!! though. It's getting increasingly difficult to avoid spoilers (AND I totally saved the comment you left me saying you would make me an icon of my fav character and I want to CASH IN!)

Ahaha, yes.. I know. Whoever you want an icon of, it is totally yours!

I keep coming back to look at this pic and have come to the decision that that jacket just looks plain silly on him when he's looking all manly and delicious.

I don't know this guy, but...damn...he is pretty damned hot.

he actually looks a bit manly
LOL, found that funnier than it should be.

I'll agree that he does look cute here. He looks like he's, y'know, eaten and stuff. :>

FOOD IS A GOOD THING! (maybe punishment was eating inexpensive people sushi)

Sweet shizuo on a pogostick! That's some major hotness right there. My god. I like top views like that too. Idek why, lol. But I agree, this pic, HOT!

Can't you just feel the love -radiating- from him, fucking A he has love for all humanity, they should be grateful.

ffffff, yes yes yes. he looks absolutely amazing here.

and this just hyperpowered my recurring naughty thoughts about him and kida.

That is an AMAZING picture of Izaya~!

ogod. /flips table on Izaya

Shh. It's a sign of my love/hate.

Oh wow...that is an amazing picture! :D



*drools a bit*

...oh. Hi.

Yeah, I can see Izaya walking to Izaya 2.0 and saying "oh hi sexay!"

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