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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

Mythos/Fakir icon.

Meticulously cropped from the "Hall om Mig" AMV. Because I could never find a shot that I really liked. It was only coincidence that the colouring turned out how it did. I think that the colouring perhaps symbolizes it the best, Mythos' struggle between dark prince and white prince. The icon turned out much more awesome then how I thought it would.

It's gankable though I know there are not very many Mythos/Fakir shippers on my flist.

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Awesome icon. *cough* But I'll stick with mah OTP. *clings to Fakia/Ahiru*

That's awesome, totally awesome. You should. Because seriously that's a good pairing, I just easily fell in love with Fakir/Mythos, don't know why.. it just happened.

I'm a straight shipper in this series. No yuri or yaoi here. But I have seen some hilarious outtakes with these two with the English voice actors shipping them XD

Ahahaha, yeah you know I'm not against Ahiru/Fakir and think they are cute, but I think that I really like Ruri/Ahiru and Mythos/Fakir. But oh really the outtakes sound really hilarious an I'd like to definitely see them.

I really want to watch Princess Tutu at some point when I have more free time...this icon kind of reaffirms that in a lot of ways. It's very gorgeous, and I like your explanation on the symbolism involved in the image too! ♥ :D

The colourization was not intentional until I pulled back and went 'damn.. that was totally subconscious"

It is a good anime, quality!

You know the promo that comes from, right? Some of the best PT shots are from there!

Well I didn't see that it was in the regular anime, but yeah.. those shots are pretty damn awesome.

One day I will finish watching Princess Tutu, I am determined. I just haven't watched much since Soren was born.

The "Hall om Mig" AMV is epic. :)

It is, when I saw that AMV, I went straight away and watched the anime. Only AMV to ever do that to me.

I've wanted to watch Princess Tutu for a long time - I think I just might :D

A very lovely icon, indeed.

You wait for a silence // I wait for a word.
I can already see the ending/night_owl_9 signing out.

That scene is my favorite part of the AMV. :)

Yeah mine too.. because Fakir with his hands all over Mythos = ♥

Since you are such a wonderful iconist, that means alot!

Oh Mythos. ♥ But Fakir is hotter. ;3

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