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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Sometimes I can be compelled to do Nice Stuff(tm).

I just ordered dinner so that Shuu didn't have to fix it, which is comprised of pizza and other such things. Bacon and pineapple for me, and chicken and mushroom for Shuu. Hooray! Food for all. Midori is going to have things fixed, but I thinkt hat we can make chicken nuggets, toss the garlic bread in the oven, and she'll be pascified with that and a slice of pizza (with the cheese meticulously peeled off)

So anyways, in Take That land, rumors about the Take That album are spreading all through Facebook, there is now an image with speculation as to who sings each of the songs. "The Flood" is Robbie and Gary obviously, and we know that Mark sings "What Do You Want From Me" which is pretty much his song to his wife. (because we knew that one was coming on the album). This leaves eight songs unaccounted for. Everyone seems to think that Mark is going to get a majority of the songs, but I'm not sure honestly. 12 songs instead of the 10 would of given the stuff more even-ness, there is going to be people who generally feel shortchanged because their singer isn't featured (I will personally be happy if Jason gets HIS WOODEN BOAT!)


We have inserts now for the Originals RP. I have my Jason doll, his name is Cullen Evans.. he may just sparkle (but not in a Twilight sort of way). They also have backup band and dancers.. TAKE THAT OCCURS AND THEIR BACKUP BAND IS MAINLY TALES CHARACTERS. made of win or MADE OF WIN? *with Nodame and Chiaki clones from Nodame Cantabile inserted in there for good measure as the Organist and Pianist respectively*

So I was walking past the TVs at work today and I have this habit of walking past at the end of Alice in Wonderland (they are still playing that movie). And I always get to the Alice/Hatter goodbye which just makes me go "b'awwwww" and I have to quickly walk away because when Hatter goes "You should stay" and I'm like "YES ALICE STAAAAAAA~AY AND MAKE HATTER BABIES WITH HIM"

Then I realize I'm just being shippy, sometimes it's hard to watch myself in front of my co-workers. Though better that they know that I ship Hatter/Alice then some of my other pairings.

Also, joined barlowen community, I am calling it research. >.>

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The tracklist with their names attached is just a speculation:


I've been trying to spread the news but some people are just damn firm on being little hissy bitchy fans *shakes head* I would rather think that ... well, basically the same except 2 Gary songs and 2 Mark songs. I doubt Mark get's three while Gary would only get 1 and I also highly doubt that Howard and Jason would sacrifice their songs or they'd do that to the fans.

Did you see the gif I posted earlier? or yesterday.. can't remember :P The Jay/Gaz one?

Yeah see I doubt that too, usually Gary and Mark are very good at making things even, they were even better on the last album.

Hmm, you inspired me, I'll get KFC tomorrow!

Aww, that was nice of you to order dinner! XD

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