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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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THE FLOOD! ♥♥♥ Take That
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Okay, I am a Take Thatter. I love the group, I love love love love the band. I was actually quite thankful that I'm on nightshift because it allowed me to listen to the song when it premiered on BBC One. I already pre-ordered my CD, "Progress" via zweilous whom I rabu~rabu (and she can expect goodies coming in her mail at a later date). But well this morning at 3:00 I managed to listen to the new song.



Now I definitely liked this song when I first heard it. But I think what means the most for me is the chorus (which has a decidedly Howard flavor.. which I percieved even before vampyran pointed out to me over at the Take That community. It is a very GOOD song, very strong.. the lyrics are nothing short of what I expected from Take That as a group especially the words "Although no one understood, there was more of them than us learning how to dance the rain" which is just the most beautiful line that I've ever heard in a long time.

There are alot of people who are "THEY WERE BETTER AS A FOUR PIECE" and while yes, Robbie is my -least- favorite of the boys, I do not think the reunion is a bad thing at all. I highly doubt that Robbie will even enter into my favorite, he'll always be my fifth favorite BUT the song is just a thing of beauty and very symphonic in it's own way and with so many different melody threads being pulled here and there.

Did I mention the lyrics are gorgeous?

Next week they'll be debuting the music video everyone. ♥ (if you looked at the teaser trailer, you'll notice that Jason looks unbelievably sexy in it. I simply can't wait to see it.


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The lyrics are just very beautiful, like the start: Standing on the edge of forever, at the start of forever, shouting love at the world.

If I EVER get a TT lyric tattooed on me, I think this will be it - but if I do, it'll be many years until then. I don't do compulsive fandom related tattoos :P

But yes, I loved it. Judging by how calculated all their decisions regarding TT have been through the last 5 years, I kinda trusted them with the Robbie decision. Even though I was a bit worried, 'cause I REALLY liked them as a four piece.. I do think I'm pretty sold now. If the album will be as awesome as this song, they can stay a 5 piece band forever! :P

Oh and YES Jason looked VERY sexy unf.

And one more comment:


The song :D Recored from a Dutch radio, where the guy doesn't talk over it (it is a BBC policy to talk over some part of the beginning of exclusive songs, because of piracy)

The video with the song in it has been blocked so I could never get a second listen to it and my memories of it are very blurry because I wasn't really awake when I listened to it with you before. *cry*

On the other hand, Howard is yummy in the video. I'm also loving it that Robbie was last in line. That's probably petty but there you go.

Yeah you know I think that it's a good song, and at least Gary is in the song prominently, because at the very least there's Gary. ♥ (you know I was thinking so that at the very least Robbie was the last in line.) but Mark was first in line because he was short (probably) you just do that for short people.

Now that I've listened to it again, I definitely like it a lot. And poor short Mark, though getting to stand in the front is definitely the bonus of being the short guy; that and standing in the front of all the pictures.

Yeah, can't wait to see the real music video. Next week, next week.. and in that week I will be getting a brand new dose of Take That fever.

Mm, anything to feed the fever! Would you believe this message showed up hours after you went to work?

The lyrics (well, the snippets that I heard of them) are absolutely gorgeous. I was only able to look at the teaser video trailer...but it seems like a really great song. I hope you enjoy "Progress" when you get it too! ♥ :D

The song is good! : )

But mostly I'm just here to say that whenever you put "Take That" in your subject my initial thought is that you're going to "Tell it how it is", you know, saying "Take that sucka!" to someone. it amuses me. : )

That is all. : )

Ahahah oh man yeah, ala PHOENIX WRIGHT! (nah, I'm not that awesome. sadly enough)



Also, here is the upload of the song (a radio rip yes but it does the job). GO AND OVERPLAY IT!


I will also post a link to the music video when it comes out next week!


/already raping the download. XDD

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