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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I have watched the first twelve episodes of Clannad and I think it is a very very cute story, and there have been alot of random crying moments in which I start to languish in shoujo-stylized bliss. I have to say though that Fuko is my favorite character, I think that her and the stars are just about adorable. The thing is that I've been watching it on NetFlix Wii streaming and there -was- an anime section however it sort of somewhat disappeared, I saw volume two of Clannad yesterday, now.. poof.

This is extremely disgruntling.

Tensions have run high here at home, it's like everyone's levels of stress is way too high to begin with. I'm worried about my cat, Jennie isn't sleeping, so it's like a period of walking on eggshells. I just wish I knew what I could do, I think everyone is just going through a period of being so drained that there isn't that much to give.

Also, welcome to watchersprout, a fellow Erasure fan (and someone who loved Erasure before the whole "Always" song came into being). But she just happens to be an anime fan, but she caught my eye because she adores Erasure. So yay, sorry if my journal is a little bit somber at this moment, things can't be all fun and games all the time; sadly.

Lala is improving, I can tell it.. but I think it's also strengthened our cat/human bond.. because today when I woke up, I just called out "Lala" into the room, then there was the pad of feet and she settled down on the pillow right beside me and we settled into a two hour coze before my alarm went off at 3 pm. I am really grateful to all that everyone has done, I am also grateful to shuufish because she's been so very good about picking up things for Lala, so I just wanted to take the time to appreciate her, I love her.

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Glad to hear that Lala is doing better. ♥

I love you too and I appreciate the help with Soren last night. Funny that I was determined to get some sleep and ended up with less then I've gotten all week. Maybe it's karma or something.

Also, I'm worried about Lala too, I'm just not good at expressing it. She's not my cat.

Well you technically are her mother in law if that makes any sense. *heh's* And any time with the helping.. Soren knows I mean business when I come in and start patting him.

Ahhh, I'm the mother in law, that's why she gives me those looks. Poor thing, it was good to see her last night, she looks a lot better.

I'm glad your kitty is doing better.

I've never really used Netflix before...but that does sound rather bizarre. 0_0;

I'm sorry that tensions have been running high...when you're aware of that and it seems like you can't really do too much to change things, it's a very frustrating feeling. I hope that things get better soon. *hugs tightly*

BUT that's great news that Lala is improving. :D I wish her and everyone else the very best! ♥

I'm glad to hear that Lala seems to be doing better ♥

I'm glad your kitty feels a little better now :)

Good news on Lala. <3

And Clannad is LOVE~!

I love the twins.

Thank you for the welcome!!!

Yes....Erasure...my favorite album was probably "Wild", with "The Innocents" as a close second.

I'm totally cool with "friends by proxy" too...if anyone here loves Erasure, voice actors, Saiyuki and sleep...well, we MUST be friends!

You may want to friend my girlfriend, she's a big Saiyuki fan. even bigger then me. >.> She's huge on Minakura. And she has a fondness for Erasure.. (because I introduced her to them).

I think that The Innocents is probably my favorite one though I got introduced to Erasure through the greatest hits album entitled "Pop, the first twenty hits" I think. And fell in love.

She's shuufish btw. And she probably wouldn't mind if you friended her by random. She's actually very shy and doesn't make the first move.

I went ahead and friended her...hope she doesn't mind!

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