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~I'm a firm believer.. and a warm reciever~

1. Your Name: Nia

2. What would your name be if you were an RPG character?: Schala Bainbridge

3. Favorite RPG: Xenogears, Chrono Trigger & Final Fantasy 6

4. Favorite RPG Character?: Setzer Gabbiani, Magus Zeal, Edge Eblan, Rikku (FFX), Citan Uzuki, Elyham Van Houtan

5. Japanese or American RPGs? Which do you prefer: I think that I like the ones that actually make it over here since I don't have one of those nifty little mod chips.. but I sure would like to play the japanese versions of games

6. Does it annoy you when the main female character is the stereotypical healer?: No, but just like Angue, it bugs me whent hey are stereotypically annoying.. Take Rinoa, Take Yuna.. I had no problems with Aeris and Garnet. And by my calculations I should like the next female just fine.

7. The Final Fantasy Series- RPG God, or Highly Overrated?: I liked the older series, like FF6 and FF4.. but everything went downward with 7 and hit rock bottom with 8.. redeemed by 9 and plateaued by X

8. Final Fantasy 8- Refreshing change, or unforgivable mistake?: Final Fantasy 8 was why I bought FF9 so late...

9. Magic or Fighting?: Equippage of the Genji Glove and the Offering.. strike four times.. massive damage with powerful weapons.. wheee.. I like swords

10. Why does the main guy always carry a huge sword?: Its all written about by frued...

11. What number of party members form the ideal party?: I still like 4.. but then I am just old school.

12. Guns- Cool or pointless?: Vincent can aim his gun at me anytime.

13. What weapon would YOU equip?: Probably Magus's scythe.. sexay.. Have a big dark hood where no one can see my face and act all grim reaperish

14. Is poison really that bad of a status effect?: It can fuck my party up sometimes

15. Fire or Ice?: Ice.

16. Long summons or short summons?: Long summons with the option of turning off the FMV's if you don't wanna sit through 'em all the time. (*keeps Angue's answers*)

17. 2-D or 3-D?: There is a certain charm with 2d.. sprite characters are kawaii.

18. Claude or Rena?: Rena! She is cute.


20. Chrono Cross- Decent sequel, or crude mockery?: They tried.. they really did.. but to me, they didn't capture the charm of the first game.

21. Favorite RPG Main Character?: Magus was the main character as far as I was concerned... Though I did like Terra.

22. What's your opinion on the undead?: Die!

23. Could you tell Aeris was going to die before the end of disc 1?: I didn't want Aerith to die, she was so good and pure and sweet and kind... and it crept up on my unaware.. I dinna know..

24. Are female lead characters acceptable?: Yes of course.. it would be preferable if the female was the main character because then we are not guarenteed a dick for a main character. Sorry Angue but Cloud annoyed me.

25. Do you usually find the "secret" characters in RPGs?: Who doesn't.. you are just missing out if you don't.

26. Ever made your own RPG storyline?: Constantly.. have notebooks full of ideas.

27. Have you ever played a fan-translated or imported RPG?: Yup.. Tales of Phantasia is on my computer

28. What do you think of RPGs based off of popular anime series?: They should make an Utena RPG

29. Which is better, being able to see your foes before you fight them, or random encounters?: Random Encounters..

30. Do you own any RPG soundtracks?: Of course.. All hail Xenogears Creid!

31. Was Super Mario RPG a little too much?: It was cute, I will give it that.

32. Pokemon- No comment, I worked at K-mart during teh pokemon craze

33. If you were an RPG character, what level would you be on?: 99... because I would of spent all my spare time gaining levels and trying to be god like.

34. What character class would you be?: I would be the female that you mistake for a male.. like Faris from FF5..

35. You've just completed this survey! What do you think of the ending?: I am just waiting for the sequal.

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