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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
It's official, I think that CLANNAD is the sweetest and cutest thing since sliced bread, it's slow going but honestly it's pretty interesting and I definitely like it, there's something just endearing about these characters and honestly in a world where you really don't get character development right off the bat, they start out developing the characters almost at screen one. So I'm rather happy with this series and I definitely am looking forward to watching more.

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YES! awesome entry is awesome.

I totes agree. I adore Clannad. I absolutely love Akio and Okasaki. It's so beautiful and just so...enticing. It does move slow but I think that adds to the magic of it all. I'm glad you're enjoying it. =) Clannad: After Story is just as awesome.

Yeah the whole thing with the basketball.. EPISODE TWO and I am like 'd'awwwww' ... and then 'derp'. THIS ANIME IS JUST ONE BIG DERP.

Yeah it does move slow but I really do like it, I'm seeing how much the thin packs are now for this series because I'm thinking that I really want to own it.

(Oh man, the dad is just so awesome)


I don't usually like the dating sim based anime, but this show... it was so sweet. And if you haven't seen it, a slight warning: Clannad: After Story will make you cry at one point or another. At least it made me cry.

Well I was reading the page for it and I saw that it wasn't a dating sim game though a visual novel that had very little romance aspect to it, rather instlling the importance of friend's and family. No matter though, I'm enjoying it because the male lead is really awesome, I like the female lead too and the supporting cast is justdamn awesome. I SO LOOK FORWARD TO WATCHING MORE!

Ah, that's right, it's not a dating sim lol ;; I get confused by all the different kinds of games that are around these days. AND YES THE LEADS ARE AWESOME.

I also heard that the After Story will make one cry/

who dared you to say this? >D

I AM ACTUALLY WATCHING CLANNAD OF MY OWN VOLITION! OMG (no I am completely serious, I like this series.. it's cute)

lol they managed to hypnotize you with their creepy giggles :'D

Ahhh, netflix, I love you. One day I will watch Clannad, maybe during homework doing during the days.

Yeah, it was one of those anime that I was like "Eh" and then within 10 minutes, I creeped closer to the TV and was dragged in. Yeah, netflicks is awesome!

They have way more anime then I thought they would. I added a bunch more to our list, Aria and a couple of other things that will come in the mail. ♥

I've been wanting to see it since I watched the first half and they removed the last half.

Yeah well there is three series actually, we were on the second one I think.

This is one of those shows I totally mean to watch! My beloved cosplay group members love it and I'm such a tool that I haven't caught on yet. However, when my Nia tells me it's a cute anime with interesting characters, I know I must watch it and love it!

I'm afraid of the "you will cry" warnings, though...

Yeah, I'm sort of afraid of the 'you will cry' warnings too but hell if I readsurvive the entire "Princess" manga, I think I can handle a 40 + anime.. but the females are so kickass and awesome. Your cosplay group has TRES GOOD TASTE~

Awww teehee, I'm your Nia.. ♥♥♥


This show is really awesome, I enjoyed it a lot and I usually don't watch series like that.

Good to hear it is not another KANON! XD

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