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I think that Kaichou wa Maid Sama does alot for the feminist movement. There are many reasons that I think that this is a quality shoujo series, I think the main reason is that the main female protagonist actually kicks ass and takes names, she's strong and dynamic.. both traits that are essential to my actual enjoyment levels. I also adore the fact that she manages to bail herself out of trouble, she doesn't rely on Usui to do it for her (even though usually he's enroute to saving her, he comes in and founds that she's probably already done it.) I really like Usui (and have tried to icon him, but honestly I've not made any icons of him that I've actually wanted to keep. Oh well, 16 episodes to go, there are bound to be more iconning opportunities.

I had a wierd dream where I got Jeremy hooked on Tales of Vesperia, and I also bought the rights to Raven/Schwann. (wierdness.. ahaha) But I've had stranger dreams (like last saturday morning when I woke up from having dreamed of a medieval Genshiken where the part of Sasahara had been played by Cecil Harvey.)

Now back to making sure that Midori doesn't press her nose up against the TV (I've had to tell her three times now to back away from the TV, the little potato)

Also, despite what originally thought, CLANNAD DID NOT ROT MY SOUL, I am actually enjoying it. So yes, here is a situation where I eat my words (though I think that previously I had been talking about Kanon instead of Clannad.. but still I get KEY animations confused)

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