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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Alice in Wonderland☆I must become
I love it when complete strangers come up to me and go "You smell really good! What are you wearing?" I take pride in the fact that I don't stink! ♥

Hello everyone, hope you have a good sunday. I wrote a post, made a new icon and now I'm heading to bed!

BUT BEFORE I DO THAT. Must share AMV. Aside note, I hate most AMVs because either I do not see an ounce of creativity involved or else they forget to remove the fucking subtitles. (that and once you've seen Nan Grovell's "Hall Oh Mig", everything else pales in comparison) but I actually found a durarara!! one that is actually PRETTY good!

Note: anyone who can provide me with the MP3 of this song will win my internets 4LYFE

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MP3 get!

I think that AMV's just pushed me to watching more of drrr. Such VIOLENCE. *v*

Ahahaha I know it's so epically epic though!

You know that you smell great when strangers tell you that you smell great!

Lol, I think I'd be kind of embarrassed if strangers told me I smell good - why did they sniff me in the first place? O_O

Lulzy AMV :DD

Well you know, their are some people that the entire area around them just smells good, once you step in a four foot space of them you can smell it. There are many people that once I get into their little six foot space, I am transported to paradise because they smell yummy and I work at Walmart out on the floor where people are always passing me by.

I suppose it's nice if you like that, I'm just not a big fan of strong smells, even nice ones, so if I can smell people passing by, they have too much perfume :DD

Yeah, I've always planned to make an icon of this screencap, but then it just came to me.. took a bunch of tweaking (since I'm no good at making real-life screens good) but this came out fairly well.)

I...would find that just a little creepy. o.0 But if it makes you happy, that's what matters. 8D

You know, it's creepy in a way but I never like to smell bad at all so it's really just nice to know that people like the way I smell. (smelling good is very important to me.. very)

Yeah, but the point I'm making is the fact the compliment came from a complete stranger, not from people you know. xD;

Well perhaps I just don't find it creepy, maybe it is because if I walk past a person and I smell something nice, I will usually compliment them on it and ask them what they are wearing.. because who knows, it may very well be something that I'd like to purchase for myself.

Ahahahaha oh God Lemon Demon owns my soul. This theme song is also the theme song for my cat. Because she's cuddly, she's lovely when she's in a happy mood. But she has such an attitude. /done now

This made my evening, mmkay.

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