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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
This icon selected because he's a doctor, I'm sick and I don't have a picture/icon of Ukitake hacking up a lung (which I've consistantly been doing every nght snce around 3 am.) And I got so cold that I had to go and dug out the huge down comforter and STILL CANNOT GET WARM. I already called to cancel my whole going out to get the car fixed and honestly glad cleaning day was yesterday because I have a feeling I'm gonna be spendng all day in bed. Ths is good though, I haven't gotten sick in six months, I remember living in Pikeville I couldn't keep the sick out of me.. it just came and came like a bad japanese bukkake movie.

So I got this brand of spiced Chai right (I'm on a big chai kick, I love it) and then I took one sip of it this mornng and immediately caught the taste of.. licorice, immediately spit that motherfucker out. I hate licorice, I hate the taste of it, I hate the smell of it and it was in their pretty strong. (come to find out, it had anise in it.. yuck.)

Better drink all teh tea and shit I can because yes I'm still going to work. I don't call in, that's just preposterous. I need the money (always) because I pay for the groceries and Christmas is coming soon (of which Midori and Soren are starting this paycheck each getting a toy bought until Christmas, that way Nia can make a nice Christmas for the two squirts.) Oh yes, not to mention two more volumes until my Genshiken collection is complete (though I heard that an Oguie-as-president series is coming out so I am muchly excited for that.) But then there is stuff like the new Take That CD and Nodame Cantabile to be bought. Oh yes and I want to complete my Fumi Yoshinaga collection too. Oh oh oh and Villianess has this one scent called "Asphyxate" which I didn't think I'd like so much but ordered the sample and hoshit I like it.

Yeah, Nia needs the money.. yes she does. (I'm sorry if you all got the impression that I'm a materialistic bastard, you know.. probably am)

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::comfles:: Being sick isn't any fun. As for the chai tea, try this.


Since I don't much care for powdered coffee creamer and it's a real pain to try and find dried WHOLE milk, I simply simmer the spices and tea (8 tea bags) together, strain through a sieve lined with a couple of paper towels, let it cool, add the vanilla and enough water to make 1/2 gallon, and pop it in the fridge. From there, I can drink it iced or hot and simply add my own milk to taste. Tastes similar to Oregan Chai to me.

Now you take CARE of yourself, Nia. ::snugglehugs::

Oh wow, you know you are awesome ad this is VERY helpful, I look forward to trying it. *hugs*

Not awesome, hon. Just curious to see if I can make chai myself the easy way. ::gigglehugs::

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