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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
This icon selected because he's a doctor, I'm sick and I don't have a picture/icon of Ukitake hacking up a lung (which I've consistantly been doing every nght snce around 3 am.) And I got so cold that I had to go and dug out the huge down comforter and STILL CANNOT GET WARM. I already called to cancel my whole going out to get the car fixed and honestly glad cleaning day was yesterday because I have a feeling I'm gonna be spendng all day in bed. Ths is good though, I haven't gotten sick in six months, I remember living in Pikeville I couldn't keep the sick out of me.. it just came and came like a bad japanese bukkake movie.

So I got this brand of spiced Chai right (I'm on a big chai kick, I love it) and then I took one sip of it this mornng and immediately caught the taste of.. licorice, immediately spit that motherfucker out. I hate licorice, I hate the taste of it, I hate the smell of it and it was in their pretty strong. (come to find out, it had anise in it.. yuck.)

Better drink all teh tea and shit I can because yes I'm still going to work. I don't call in, that's just preposterous. I need the money (always) because I pay for the groceries and Christmas is coming soon (of which Midori and Soren are starting this paycheck each getting a toy bought until Christmas, that way Nia can make a nice Christmas for the two squirts.) Oh yes, not to mention two more volumes until my Genshiken collection is complete (though I heard that an Oguie-as-president series is coming out so I am muchly excited for that.) But then there is stuff like the new Take That CD and Nodame Cantabile to be bought. Oh yes and I want to complete my Fumi Yoshinaga collection too. Oh oh oh and Villianess has this one scent called "Asphyxate" which I didn't think I'd like so much but ordered the sample and hoshit I like it.

Yeah, Nia needs the money.. yes she does. (I'm sorry if you all got the impression that I'm a materialistic bastard, you know.. probably am)

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And who is the guy in your icon? ;3

It is BlackJack, Black Market Doctor. He's wicked awesome and one of my favorite characters because he can operate on himself in the middle o the austrailian wild while fighting off Wild Dingos!

Get well soon! ♥

You're not wrong about liquorice, it's really, really, really gross. Ugh. D;

Yeah, it's also why I didn't care much for absinthe when I tried it, because of the licorice flavor, why couldn't it of been MINT. *blahs*

Poo on licorice flavor in your tea. That's gross. And if you are materialistic it's okay, I am too. I have a list a mile long of stuff I want. It's all soap, lotion and books. Tons and tons of books.

When you need Villainess, well... you need it. XD I want that Birthrite soap so bad, yet I don't really need more bars of soap. Sigh.

Yeah, it's all thanks to you that I know about Villianess and now I am addicted!

I'm totally going to shamelessly plug my workplace, now. Iiiif you love chai, you should go to Teavana.com, we have some freaking amazing Chai. It's loose leaf and it's a little pricy but hot damn it's fucking delicious. The Samurai Chai Maté and the White Ayurvedic Chai blend is really tasty and really freakishly good for you (antioxidants and White teas are good for your skin and all sorts of fancy stuff).

...yes. :| I'm done now. XD

Ahahah, it's okay myself and shuufish are addicted to tea there, the samurai chai mate is what is currently in the cupboard however since it's mostly Jennie's morning pick me up, I don't touch it but let me tell you I did have a bit of Strawberry Lemonade Jasmine tea after I had to throw that first tea out. I really want to try the earl grey blend.

Wow, you are really planning things ahead, there are three months until Christmas yet :D

Get well soon :)

::comfles:: Being sick isn't any fun. As for the chai tea, try this.


Since I don't much care for powdered coffee creamer and it's a real pain to try and find dried WHOLE milk, I simply simmer the spices and tea (8 tea bags) together, strain through a sieve lined with a couple of paper towels, let it cool, add the vanilla and enough water to make 1/2 gallon, and pop it in the fridge. From there, I can drink it iced or hot and simply add my own milk to taste. Tastes similar to Oregan Chai to me.

Now you take CARE of yourself, Nia. ::snugglehugs::

Oh wow, you know you are awesome ad this is VERY helpful, I look forward to trying it. *hugs*

Not awesome, hon. Just curious to see if I can make chai myself the easy way. ::gigglehugs::

I totally missed this entry when you posted it, but I hope you're feeling better by now! You know, I've looked probably three different times for an appropriate Ukitake pic for said icon for you, but then I end up stumbling across this one incredibly sad Ukitake/Kyouraku pic and scurry off for more cheerful things.

You know, considering the fact that I think I may know what picture you're talking about (since on my computer, I probably have so many Ukitake/Kyoraku pictures it's not funny) and then yeah, it's really sad. Oh man, why can't they have a picture of Ukitake coughing a lung humerously.. wait they do, I just may or may not have it on my hard drive.

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