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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Despite all of the controversy surrounding Axis Power Hetalia's dub, I have been enjoying it. It is somewhat irreverent, but the concept in general is satiric and a bit irreverant in and of itself. (it helps that the most offensive part with the whole 'that's why I hate catholics' is really is the worst that it gets. *note: I do not find that offensive, because if you go back into history, the fact that Germany was a predominately luthern substate and battled with Italy and France over England's state religion, hence why that remark DID NOT OFFEND ME AT ALL)

They don't say unfounded things, and because they are brash anthropomorphic boys, they are going to be a little less refined over the entire thing (also Funimation did Shin-chan, we all know how culturally irreverent -that- was.)

Also, keep in mind I am not a dub person, but for once I am enjoying the dub (so aoiryuu if you see Patrick Seitz, tell him that his Germany was BRILLIANT and that he made me a believer in anime dubs again)

Next payday I'm preordering season II

Edit: Iconists! I updated isoylent with a special member's only texture (as I will do occasionally with every 10 people who become members) so if you're interested, take a look. I think it's my best yet.

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I can definitely agree with you there, and I am with you where peopel are always comaplining how they think it's offensive, when I just find the humor very funny and very clever.

I'll preorder season II as well. :)

Yeah, I know how it is. Definitely very cute in it's own way. I'm definitely impressed by the humor. Makes em also want to icon Hetalia like crazy now.

I can't wait for our copy of Season One to get here. :) I'll probably be trying the dub first at least...though from what I've heard so far I don't really find it all that offensive considering the context and idea behind the series as well, as you said.

Agreed! I really enjoyed the dub. Patrick Seitz and Eric Vale did an amazing job, especially.

Who did Eric Vale play?

He plays America (and Canada, as well).

Ahahah well he did a good job on America, definitely.

oohs! i had to go join! :)

Mine hasn't come in the mail yet. :( :( I'm going to watch it with my friends and hope they all just not take it so seriously. Hetalia's humor really is very educational actually, more so then it is offensive. People just need to take the sticks out of their asses.

Yeah, the fact is bad stuff happens in history and while yes it's irreverent, at least Germany isn't yelling "Die Jew!"

I too am enjoying the Hetalia dub, and I find the humor quite hilarious, irreverent and crazy as it may be XD I can't really see why some people find it offensive - doesn't seem like it to me.

Most of the accents are pretty well done, and I just LOVE Patrick Seitz as Germany :D

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