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It's funny how I seem to update sporadically on the days that I actually have to work and babysit the kids and other such things. It's a nice life but it leaves me very little to do on those days when my schedule is filled to the brim. I'm actually sneaking a little time to update because Soren is gleefully crawling around the living room and is in essence amusing himself without trying to kill himself. (Huzzah!)

So I've been labeled THE MAINTENANCE CREW MASCOT by Danny, I think it's because I told him that I had a girlfriend and first he was like "CAN I WATCH~" and I was like "WAIT UNTIL AT SUCH TIME AS WE HAVE A PILLOW FIGHT IN OUR SEXY LACY LINGERIE" to which point he was like "YES!" and then I was dubbed the mascot.

Work has been tiring, but hey I guess at the very least I am earning my keep. Just one month more until week long VACATION. I'm excited. (I actually got Halloween off and it was approved at the drop of a hat, double huzzah!)

I have my favorite people at work, like Bryan and Jeremy.. so there's never a shortage of interesting people to talk to but there are also people who perplex me. I really try to get along with most everyone but there are people who will tell me so and so, and then it starts the whole 'he said, she said' game which is bullshit. I don't tolerate that, I think something of you, I will tell you. I tell Trey he's an asshole all the fucking time, but if he does something pretty decent, I will not neglect to tell him that either. You can always take my word at face value because I loathe talking about people behind their backs. Today Pat was like "You shouldn't do so-and-so" when I was working freight and then I was like "Well I did so-and-so and picked off different pallets because I wanted to group things according to where they would go." On various fronts I definitely tell it like I see it and if one feels uncomfortable like that, well there isn't a whole lot I can do about it.

In essence I am who I am.

I like hanging out with girls but for the most part the girls are typical of non-fandom, non-geeky girls, but I really just get bored with the conversations that they engage in, so halfway through lunch hour I'm bored out of my mind and heading into the smoke room. I loathe small talk, I want meat in my conversations.

I've blogged too much and now I'm outtie! ♥
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