Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I did something creative today!

Yes, I'm a bit joyful. I actually updated isoylent with some textures, so any of you of iconning disposition should go over and check them out. I don't know about you but I for one collect textures, you never know when you find 'that perfect one' which you just know will complete the icon that you're working on.

Also I didn't mention this but my Basch muse and shuufish's Balthier muse are getting married. Yeah so there's a wedding going on right now though it's not posted up at musetown just because we decided against it, but it's sweet.. as the leading man and his chosen husband are going to be walking down the aisle. Teehee.

No Take Thattery of note. I'm expecting that in the next month, the updates will be getting profuse and then I'll have plenty to say really. (so come on you guys, start releasing more information, more pictures.. ANYTHING! a girl has to icon her favorite boys)

Also anyone who wants a little extra practice with icons.

I highly suggest the Quick Iconning Meme. I've been leaving icons all over the place in that thread, it passes the time.

✩ Quick Iconing Meme ✩

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