Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Let's see...

Two Volumes of BlackJack (7 & 8)
Axis Power Hetalia (will be coming to me on the 14th)
Gift certificate to teavana (also in the mail probably)

then I bought myself FOUR volumes of Genshiken and a random Fumi Yoshinaga one shot (because she's one of my favorite mangakas) and then I bought two volumes of Otomen, the second volume of Ooku, some new shirts and underwear at Old Navy. Then of course there was the new shoes I bought.

I'm a firm believer in spoiling yourself on your birthday, and that I did.

However what I wasn't impressed with this year was the fact that roommate didn't remember my birthday, it doesn't matter in the long run but honestly I expected at least something, like a happy birthday, oh well. If he tries to say happy birthday to me tomorrow, it's likely he'll only get a grumbled reply.

Oh yes, Jennie picked up the first volume of Nabari no Ou which I'm also impressed with. (a new and refreshing take on ninja). So really not bad on the whole.

Also.. they have most of the Genshiken manga online so so so if I find a panel that I really want to iconize then I can just go ahead and do it. (♥ kousaka since I already have an Ohno icon). If any of you are at all curious at what the image was like before I iconed it...

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