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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Let's see...

Two Volumes of BlackJack (7 & 8)
Axis Power Hetalia (will be coming to me on the 14th)
Gift certificate to teavana (also in the mail probably)

then I bought myself FOUR volumes of Genshiken and a random Fumi Yoshinaga one shot (because she's one of my favorite mangakas) and then I bought two volumes of Otomen, the second volume of Ooku, some new shirts and underwear at Old Navy. Then of course there was the new shoes I bought.

I'm a firm believer in spoiling yourself on your birthday, and that I did.

However what I wasn't impressed with this year was the fact that roommate didn't remember my birthday, it doesn't matter in the long run but honestly I expected at least something, like a happy birthday, oh well. If he tries to say happy birthday to me tomorrow, it's likely he'll only get a grumbled reply.

Oh yes, Jennie picked up the first volume of Nabari no Ou which I'm also impressed with. (a new and refreshing take on ninja). So really not bad on the whole.

Also.. they have most of the Genshiken manga online so so so if I find a panel that I really want to iconize then I can just go ahead and do it. (♥ kousaka since I already have an Ohno icon). If any of you are at all curious at what the image was like before I iconed it...

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I'm a firm believer in spoiling yourself on your birthday, and that I did.

Hell, yes, girl.

Boo, roommate.

Icon is adorable, as is the panel~

Yeah, Genshiken is pretty special. Lots of non homo in it but that is what makes it wonderful, is that it really explains otaku-ism in Japan.

Happy birthday! (if somewhat late)

*birthday hugs*

Happy (Belated) Birthday!

He never remembers my birthday either, honestly.

I'm a firm believer in spoiling yourself on your birthday, and that I did. I agree, that's the right thing to do - after all, you only get a birthday once a year :)

The icon came out really nice :)

I spoil myself badly on my birthday, and I probably always will. It feels great to it :D

And happy birthday to yooooou!

Happy belated birthday!

I didn't even know that the Hetalia manga had gotten licensed for localization. /facepalm.

Oh no, it's the anime series. The dub.

Oh! I thought you were talking about the manga at first. Though I checked on Wikipedia and noticed that the manga had been licensed as well. I am so out of the loop in that fandom. :(

Happy (belated) birthday~! ♥

I'm a firm believer in spoiling yourself on your birthday, and that I did.
~That is an awesome mindset to have on your birthday! :D

That's great that you were impressed with with the first volume of Nabari no Ou (I thought it was a rather refreshing take on ninja too...and the characters are pretty neat in it!). And yay for getting four volumes of Genshiken and the Fumi Yoshinaga oneshot too! Your other purchases sound awesome as well. ♥

Your icon looks absolutely wonderful, and I loved seeing it in the original image form too. :)

Happy Birthday! *hugs*

Awesome loot! And you did a great job turning that into an icon. *can't color worth a shit*

Well really I can't colour like how everyone else colours but I think that if I did, it wouldn't be my icon but rather the creation of someone else, so I just tack it on to individuality. Anyways thank you so much! (colouring is time intensive, so I only do it on pictures that really stand out to me)

Happy belated birthday!

I'm curious about what Fumi Yoshinaga oneshot you bought!

Also, what do you think of Ooku?

It was Garden Dreams. It was very depressing but I'm definitely in love with Fumi Yoshinaga's art style so while the story was sad, the pictures -were- pretty.

Ahhh I know what you mean about that one being depressing! It's lovely though. XD Have you read Truly Kindly and Lovers in the Night? (or whatever the other one was...brain is not cooperating tonight)
Fumi Yoshinaga is quite good at depressing things lol
I want to read the new one, about Y-Naga going to restaurants XD

I do like Ooku, it's definitely a departure from her other works, and I really do like Truly Kindly and Lovers in the Night, but then I really liked the Gerad and Jaques period of her writing, but I can't help but adore the one that got me started: Antique Bakery. Oh yes and the one about the law school students (which is also a favorite)

Have seen Ooku on Amazon and been tempted, but haven't bought because it seemed a lot different to her usual stuff!
Read Gerard and Jacques a few days ago, it was great! Seems she had a time of liking the French Revolution!
Do you mean Ichigenme? (Read that one recently too--made an order with United Publications to pick up at Amecon, and it was nearly all Fumi Yoshinaga stuff, heehee)
Antique Bakery really does win, though =DDDD The korean liveaction version of it is fabulous too.

Yeah, I did see the korean live action and it was about the most adorable thing I had ever seen. (and yes Ichigenme.. excellent series; I'm a fool for that one)

wow, the icon turned out pretty amazing <3

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