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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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: Another Inventory over with :
Jason☆thinks you are a low-life
Well...(you know that whenever I post with this icon, it's something special)

There is no such thing as a perfect inventory, ever. Something always goes wrong, fucks up... and while it's certainly been smoother then OTHER inventories I've been through, it was still something special. I don't really want to go through it in detail, but I will tell you that zoning the 97 wall (luncheon/breakfast meat) was a REAL treat, especially considering that who ever put up freight (and I swear it wasn't me, they've had me in dairy) plugged the shit like a toliet after a run to taco bell.

That meant that anything that wasn't in it's proper home, I had to inventory prep, at the end I had four LARGE boxes filled with random crap.

The fuckers.

Thank god that's over, now to go and post and then sleep for a thousand years (i.e until 3:00PM)

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Yay for done inventory! ::hugs::

Oh wowza...inventory can be insanely hard, and that definitely sounds like quite the experience. At least you're done with it now though--and I hope that you can get a good rest to recuperate! *hugs*

Yeah, I'm definitely glad that it's all said and done.

Lazy people >.> Good thing you got it sorted~

Laziness doesn't even BEGIN to cover it.

No wonder they consider you such a valuable employee, it must have been really difficult :) Good thing you sorted it all out.

ooh thousand year sleep! fun!

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