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I have very little in terms of an update. However this above icon is one of the few icons that I actually came into existance before I got home this morning. I had been in an RP with shuufish involving Ashura-ou and Taishakuten, and I heard the air supply song "Making love out of nothing at all" and the icon just wrote itself, I even was doing the LAYERS in my brain.

So it was an easy thing that by the time I got home, I popped out the image and recreated it from memory. Voila, icon!

For all that I sometimes think that canon yaoi can be a bit trite (with one of the guys playing the part of a girl), Ashura-ou and Taishakuten from RG Veda, they were doing each other.. they were doing it probably pretty hard, and then there was cannibalism afterwards. Though referencing the picture of which the third eye pops up (and in RG Veda you get the third eye from committing an unspeakable sin, of which cannibalism is one of them), so I'm thinking that the only part that Taishakuten probably ate was Ashura-ou's heart, since it was seen that the heart was the core of the person, eat the heart and you in essence 'become' that person and adopt their strength.

Epitome of romance, right there. Just makes me rabu~rabu.
Tags: my icons eat people, tastes liek chikken?, yumzzz
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