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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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(no subject)
Jason☆thinks you are a low-life
I think that it's a sad state of affairs when I feel more like a parent to them then their biological father is. When that shouldn't be the case at all. Yes, I'm shuufish's girlfriend, BUT HE IS THEIR GODDAMN FATHER.


Yeah, I just had a rage moment. Nothing to see here, nothing to see...

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That sounds like a really good reason for a rage moment. 0_0; *hugs* I'm sorry.

I know this feeling much too well. It's alway always a difficult situation dating someone with children when the other parent is a selfish, incompetent idiot (I don't know if it stretches that far in this case, but this topic makes me rage as well).

Actually he -is- an incompetent idiot. -_-

I didn't know your girlfriend had kids, well you know I've always a firm believer that just cause people donated sperms/eggs doesn't make them parent. I think from the sounds of it, you have more right to call yourself their parent.

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