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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Attention FLIST:

Be sure to vote in this poll about LJ's new implementation of the entire facebook/twitter thing. It only takes five seconds and even if you left a comment on the actual post saying what a bad idea it is, just clicky the poll.. to make your own voice heard. Remember we want to make this resound back to the LJ staff.

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DONE and hey, nice choice of music.

I love Florence + the Machine. Best music evah!


And thanks for the link, by the way! Likely wouldn't have found it for quite some time, otherwise >_>; since I mostly just have a tab open to my friends page that I keep saved in Firefox.

Hopefully this helps to circumvent the stupidity at hand -_-

You know my take on this, it never hurts to cover your butt.. don't forget to crosspost it so that we can get as many people to vote in that poll as possible. Word of mouth is a powerful thing!


Hopefully LJ will actually listen.

Voted against it because this is a stupid idea on many levels. |:

And yay for Florence + the Machine. c:

Yeah it is. Not one of Livejournal's BEST ideas. Hopefully the people's voice is loud enough that it'll be heard.

I voted as well! I like to know who all is viewing my journal and it's contents. This delightful idea nearly defeats that purpose FFFF


I honestly had no idea what was up with the Twitter/FB links at the bottom of posts and comments. I just ignored them. I'm not surprised they're implementing that, considering EVERYONE is linking to those damn sites. LJ does not need this, though. True, it's been going kinda downhill for awhile now, but it doesn't need to resort to linking social networking sites. LJ is fine the way it is. It's my favorite journal/social site on the net.

Done. Hell, looks like 90% HATE the idea, which is great. Maybe it'll get fixed soon.

First, ♥ to you for the Charlotte Sometimes lyric usage on your journal.
Second, wow, I thought the little "Repost to" bit at the bottom was just annoying to look at constantly when I have no Twitter/FB account. Now it's saying that other people can essentially repost your private stuff? That's totally f'ed up. >:\
In its attempt to "keep up" with the changing internet, LJ has really lost touch with its users. :[

It definitely ties in with Klaus Heinz von Dem Eberbach, first song that he ever claimed, it really suits him. So thanks! ♥

And yeah, LJ is trying to be uber pervasive.. and it's getting creepy.

Voted. Thank you for linking to the poll~

Florence + the Machine ♥ ♥ ♥
Cosmic Love is my jam right now.

This is the WORST idea ever. Thanks for linking to the post.

Voted on the poll! Thank God I don't have Facebook for now.


I hope you don't mind it, if I'm going to share the link to the poll with my f-list to get even more people to voted against it.

done!!! thanks for the link!

voted. The whole facebook/twitter thing was a stupid idea >.<;

Thank you for re-posting this poll, I feel like LJ is going down with this reblog on facebook & twitter, there is a reason my LJ is friends only.

awful idea and concerned about my privacy! voted

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