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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Well I think that LJ needs to take down the whole facebook/twitter connect or make it easy for people to OPT OUT OF IT. (like nada, nada, nada nada) And I know alot of you won't crosspost my comments to facebook, it's really that my journal is private because my fantasy life is private. I'm proud of who I am but there are seriously some things that people who are non-friends need to know about me. (you know, it's one of those things where people who are not friends have limited access to).

So don't crosspost my stuff. I can promise that I will not crosspost your stuff. I've opted out of all of it so I can't even accidentally click anything. ♥

Thanks you guys!

Can I copy this like a meme and put it on my journal. This twitter facebook shit pisses me off to know end (as it does most of my F-list)

I'm pretty sure that LJ's going to get rid of this shit completely, or at least allow a complete pot-out option ASAP with the amount of rage they're getting about it.

Remember the short-lived ONTD on the Home Page? They nixed that right quick when everyone spoke up about it.

Yeah well I hope that they get rid of it, because it's definitely lame-ass. Don't need it AT ALL.

Yea, about that. I'd rather my RL friends don't know that I write smutty fanfiction.

Oh gods, you know I would rather that my real life friends don't know that I'm such an asshole online. (snickers.. actually I don't mean that) Really it's just about privacy, and I keep my fangirl side completely out of my other side. ♥


who even needs to crosspost their comments anyway :\ as if facebook and twitter aren't already a mess of random applications and feeds from other sites.

I don't know. Seriously, I don't want to crosspost my comments or anyone elses because they would absolutely not get it in the context that they were made.

Yes, this. God, so much this.

I am so sick of the whole TWITTER-FACEBOOK-GOOGLE CONNECT WITH YOUR FRIENDS (and cross-post every minute inkling of a thought you have four times over) shit, too.

I mean hell :v even Blizzard has integrated some facebook technology into WoW and Starcraft 2.

So, yes. Definitely do not want.

I don't get the popularity of FB or why every social networking site under the sun wants to have some kind of affiliation with it. It's pretty much just another MySpace, only with wannabe Cooking Mama rip-off browser games instead of YouTube embedding support.

Oh well. Your comments are safe with me. =3

Yeah, facebook is fun in spurts but it doesn't hold my interest for very long.

Ugh, I'm paranoid that next will be "Search for your friend's LJ via their e-mail addresses!" as connected by Facebook. I was royally pissed off when Facebook did that because I had all sorts of online people who I did NOT want so much as to know my last name to find me, but if LJ does that I swear, I'm leaving the site here and now.

I'm stealing another persons idea and Copy-pasting this to my journal XD you wrote it so well! XD

Ahaha well no problem. I just agree with the majority of people. Livejournal is my fantasy land in essence. Facebook is all well and good, but they are there to keep up with the me that doesn't really talk about anime/video games all that much. I have no problem with people from LJ being apart of my facebook land, but people in facebook land being apart of LJ-land.. I don't think so.

How do you opt out of it?

Well not so much opt out on other people's end, but on your end you can make it so that facebook/twitter are not clickable. I think that there needs to be an opt out so that other people can't crosspost your stuff.

I actually wish people I have on FB would read my LJ ^^;; My lj friends are more important to me than most people I've met in real life because my lj friends get to learn much more about me.

i never knew about a twitter connect!!!!

I don't have Facebook for a reason. Two, actually. Cyberstalkers. I don't have Twitter either. Well, actually I do but I've never, ever used it. NaNo recommended it back a couple of years ago when their servers were being overwhelmed with folks posting their stories and then things got all worked out. So, I never used it. I don't think I remember my sign in or my password, either.

Yes, LJ should bring a screeching halt to this crap. As in immediately if not sooner.

This system totally alienates those of us who don't even have a facebook or twitter. Man. They are taking over the internet.

I hope that they'll make an OPT OUT option soon. I really don't like the idea of it at all! O_O;

There are comments upon comments of people who hate it, I expect the whole thing to be over with soon.

That facebook twitter app shit is annoying.