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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


pimp the meme!

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name☆: Jyuu
age☆: old enough to know better, young enough not to care.
favorite characters☆: Sheryl, Michel, Brera, Cathy, Luca
favorite pairings☆: Sheryl/Alto, Michel/KlanKlan, Cathy/Ozma, Luca/Nanase, Brera/Ranka
other fandoms☆ Hetalia, durarara!!, Gurren Lagann, Kuroshitsuji, Honey & Clover, Strike Witches, 'Tales of' series, Xenogears, From Eroica with Love, Final Fantasy (all series except for 8), CLAMP, Higurashi, Umineko, Rose of Versailles, Take That, Genshiken.. see my userinfo for more information.
a little about your journal☆: I have rants, rambles and crazy things, really I just am looking for more Macross Frontier friends since I love them quite a bit, and I don't really care what pairings you like. You are respectful of my pairing preferences, I will definitely be respectful of yours. (respect is after all a two-way street). I enjoy fansqueeing over things and I hope that you do too.. if you do, then we'll be marvelous friends!
hobbies outside of internet☆: Reading, Playing Video Games, Beading and watching my girlfriend's children (even though that's more -work- then hobby.
favorite macross frontier song☆: Diamond Crevasse always makes me sad though I also like Sheryl's version of "What About My Star"
famous last words:

Take my pocky, dammit!
*yes, I realize large picture is large*

Edited at 2010-08-28 12:12 am (UTC)

Sheryl/Alto, Michel/KlanKlan, Cathy/Ozma, Luca/Nanase, Brera/Ranka

YES LET'S BE FRIENDS! (you like all the pairings I do! Oh my god (you know the reason why I used that image was because hell it was two pairings that I fully endorsed!)

♥ *adds*

name☆: Garrett/Shadro/Whatever you want to call me
age☆: 21
favorite characters☆: Sheryl pretty much
favorite pairings☆: Sheryl/Alto...yeah I'm awesome at these parts :P
secondary fandoms☆ Pretty much anything with a giant robot, Kamen Rider, Akaigi, Kaiji, One Outs, Dr. Who, Stargate, I'm all over its pretty sweet.
a little about your journal☆: It has everything, life, video games, anime, other stuff, even more other stuff, memes, and its updated daily, nifty~
hobbies outside of internet☆: Video Games, trying to get employed, wait there is life outside of the internet?
favorite macross frontier song☆: That is a good question Macross always has really good music. I guess I'm gonna go with Lion, I really liked that.
famous last words: I don't really have a pic to have here, anything is to big. So...*nerdy reference to something goes here*

name☆: Stephanie
age☆: 18
favorite characters☆: Ranka and Brera
favorite pairings☆: Alto/Ranka, Sheryl/Ranka, and Brera/Alto
secondary fandoms☆ Hetalia, Durarara, KHR, DGM, Angel Beats, 07-Ghost, Pokemon, Uraboku, OTRFK, Anything by Takanaga Hinako, xxxHolic, Kuroshitsuji, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, HOTD, Baka Testo, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Inuyasha, and moreeee~
a little about your journal☆: Memes, picspams, fandom ramblings, real life rants.
hobbies outside of internet☆: Reading, hanging out with my sis, studying Japanese and history.
favorite macross frontier song☆: Lion, Aimo, and Ai Oboete Imasuka?
famous last words:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Is that America? And Italy?

Well-p, there goes sleep for me tonight. X_x

American and Japan, actually. Haha.

Regardless, I am frightened.

I must bleach my brain by watching more Torchwood. Unless my 360 decides to be a wench again and lock up for no apparent reason.

name☆: Melon
age☆: 19
favorite characters☆: Sheryl
favorite pairings☆: Alto/Sheryl, Alto/Sheryl/Ranka
secondary fandoms☆ One Piece, Soul Eater, Evangelion, Hetalia, Gurren Lagann, and many more.
a little about your journal☆: Lots of memes and some of my original fiction. And sometimes I'll rant about work/school.
hobbies outside of internet☆: Reading, playing video games, doting on my little brother, watching far too much tv.
favorite macross frontier song☆: Nyan Nyan Special Service Medley NO, THAT'S NOT CHEATING
famous last words:



That picture is just brilliant!

name☆: Kalli
age☆: not too old for vinyl pants (yet)
favorite characters☆: Brera, Klan, Alto~
favorite pairings☆: Brera/Alto, Sheryl/Ranka, Michel/Alto~
other fandoms☆: Gundam (all of 'em), Tales of..., Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Saint Seiya, Kiddy Grade, Kingdom Hearts, Transformers, Aquarion, Fafner in the Azure, Ar tonelico, Legacy of Kain, like over 9000 more...
a little about your journal☆: Fannish blather, whatever I'm watching/playing, gunpla, real life, fannish stuff, more fannish stuff...
hobbies outside of internet☆: gunpla, video games, reading and writing, tinkering with old cars, combating dustbunnies...
favorite macross frontier song☆: Neko Nikki~
famous last words:

Oh wow Sheryl looks hot in that Brera uniform >.>

http://pics.livejournal.com/misskalloway/pic/006288dc - full-size, if you'd like it. Sheryl needs to be careful or it'll end in a wardrobe malfunction~

(Deleted comment)
♥ Sheryl/Alto is definitely the shiznit!

name☆: Pam a.k.a Syao
age☆: 23
favorite characters☆: Sheryl, Alto, Klan, Michel
favorite pairings☆: Sheryl/Alto, Michel/Klan, Ozma/Cathy, Alto/Michel, etc.
secondary fandoms☆ Code Geass, Cardcaptor Sakura, Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny, Pandora Hearts, Air, Clannad, Saikano, Rozen Maiden, Ayashi no Ceres, etc.
a little about your journal☆: Memes, rants, fandom-related stuff, etc. I want to have more friends who are Macross Frontier fans, especially if they are also into Alto/Sheryl. *A*
hobbies outside of internet☆: Graphic design, reading, typing stories, roleplaying, etc.
favorite macross frontier song☆: Diamond Crevasse, hands down
famous last words:

name☆: Mark.
age☆: 10,038 years older than sand. (also, yay, Slappy Squirrel.)
favorite characters☆: Alto, Ranka, Sheryl, Klan, Michel, Ozma. And Bobby has his moments.
favorite pairings☆: Alto/Ranka.
secondary fandoms☆ *inhale* Kamen Rider, Shinkenger, Last Exile, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, View Askewniverse, Doctor Who, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, DCAU, Star Wars, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Victorian Romance Emma, Shirley... *gasp, hack, cough*
a little about your journal☆: stuff, things, whatnot. mostly friendslocked, save for con entries and posts from 3 billion years ago.
hobbies outside of internet☆:vidya gaems, going to cons, reading... work isn't a hobby, is it?
favorite macross frontier song☆: Universal Bunny. Awesome song, funny name.
famous last words: True story: Kyle Hebert told me that I lost the game once. I screamed. (this was before I knew you could counter the game by invoking rule 34.)

Edited at 2010-08-28 07:17 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
You know, I can seriously love you because you like both Sheryl/Alto -and Ranka/Alto.. not to mention we have tons in common? Do you want to be friends?

(Deleted comment)
That is such a very hot picture, I thoroughly endorse it, I've also seen some of your posts on the whataboutmystar community so I definitely have tons of respect for you, and thus I really want to add you? *how can I resist a Sheryl/Alto and Sheryl/Sheryl fan?*

Sheryl/Sheryl is too hot to resist. *adds you* 8D

name☆: Sandra
age☆: 19
favorite characters☆: Sheryl, Alto, Klan, Grace, Michel
favorite pairings☆: Alto/Sheryl ♥, Sheryl/Sheryl
secondary fandoms☆ SDF Macross, Macross DYRL, Gundam Seed, Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, Beck, Eureka Seven, Romeo X Juliet, Gate Keepers, Akazukin Cha Cha, Ashita no Nadja, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke || Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Batman, Justice League, Ben 10, Supernatural and many many more.
a little about your journal☆: I rant, rave and bitch about things of random and things of fandom.
hobbies outside of internet☆: Reading, writing, drawing, painting, shopping, taking pictures and tons of other stuff.
favorite macross frontier song☆: Diamond Crevasse and Tenshi ni Naritchatta ♫
famous last words:

name☆: Michelle/Mika
age☆: 19
favorite characters☆: Alto, Ranka, Michel, Brera
favorite pairings☆: Alto/Ranka, Michel/KlanKlan Luka/Nanase
secondary fandoms☆ Kuroshitsuji, Durarara!!, D.Gray-man, Immortal Rain, Pandora Hearts, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Phoenix Wright, Gackt, Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Gazette, etc, etc.
a little about your journal☆: rants, fandom stuff, life, insanity
hobbies outside of internet☆: Singing, sewing,cosplay, making jewelry, reading, spazzing, video games
favorite macross frontier song☆: What 'bout my star (@formo) and Lion
famous last words: Alto "Hime" Saotome Pictures, Images and Photos

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