Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: WHY I NEVER... :

Robbie and Gary's duet came out. First of all, I think that it's a good song that sort of typifies the entire situation, and the lyrics are rather hilarious.

But but but.. oh god, this is going to beget a type of shipper that makes me glad that I stay away from TT forums. (Granted I have my GUILTY PLEASURES *ahems*) but at any rate I think that my favorite line (coming out of Robbie's own mouth)

"So I got busy throwing everybody underneath the bus..."

No truer words have been said.

I can't watch the video.. it's like a trainwreck (but I sort of like the song, you can still hear Gary's voice and Robbie's own voice isn't overbearingly grating like how it was in the early nineties).

Not a bad song. (shuufish, DO NOT LOOK THIS VIDEO DIRECTLY IN THE EYE.. downsize the window the first playthrough ELSE IT MAY RUIN EVERYTHING!.)

Tags: fire ze missles, st gary of barlow, take thattery
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