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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why

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Hisoka from YnM

OTP - I'm a traditionalist but Hisoka and Tsuzuki. Just because I think that they are both opposite and yet they work together wonderfully.

Runner-up - Hisoka/Saya because honestly he gets along second best with the girls in the agency. Saya is way more outspoken though, which is probably what Hisoka would need (if I wasn't convinced that he and Tsuzuki were perfect for each other)

The Anti-Ship - I do not find Muraki/Hisoka hot at all because I do not find rape hot.

My Unpopular fandom opinion regarding character - He tops. That's all I can really say, because being a rape victim.. I seriously do not think that he'd want to well be on bottom until he severely trusted Tsuzuki. And even then it'd be rare.

One Person he/she never fell in love with and why - Oriya, I don't know why.. really I think there are alot of people who Hisoka wouldn't fall in love wiht, he's noto flightly.

(Deleted comment)
For nwo I'm just trusting that people will be able to correspond numbers because I really don't feel like writing out the question every single time.

1.) Kakyou/Hokuto just because I think it's sweet that she was the only one to have ever gotten through to him in his dreamland (well her and Fuuma, but we will get to that in question 2)

2.) Fuuma, even though I prefer the above pairing.. I think that if in fact Fuuma had been the Dragon of the Sky, he would of done more to help Kakyou then hinder him.. and the pairing would of appealed to me alot more.

3.) There is no real set pairings for Kakyou other then the ones that Clamp had set in store for him. So I don't have an anti ship for him.

4.) Because I have no unpopular fandom opinion of him, I'll just share a little muse detail of him, in my muse box, he's a pianist.. can play the most beautiful melodies.

5.) He never could love Seishirou, in fact if I were Kakyou, I'd downright hate him. (too bad Seishuirou is like a brother in law.)

(Deleted comment)
1.) Russia/Belarus. It's hilarious, I love how Russia is all scary and yet he runs like a pansy when faced with a girl wielding a sharp knife who professes her UNDYING love for him. LOLTASTIC!

2.) I was once a fan of Russia/Leit.. but then Po/Liet and Russia/Belarus got in the way dammit.

3.) America, I'm sorry but considering their history, I just can't ship them.

4.) I think Russia is an idiot, an adorable idiot.. but an idiot nevertheless.

5.) I think that anyone getting involved with Russia (unless they have a stabby) is generally a bad idea.

Who didn't see this coming?! No one, that's who~

Orihara Izaya from Durarara

Re: Who didn't see this coming?! No one, that's who~


1.) My heart belongs to Izaya/Shizuo. It has ever since I saw how Shizuo threw that vending machine at him. That's love right there.

2.) Mmmmm that one doctor chick, I mean they are seen around together enough that could be a pairing. I mean she's not a favorite character which is probably why I wouldn't be able to get my head around it but at least she isn't as bad as her brother and his girlfriend (who were my LEAST favorite characters in that series)

3.) Gee, I don't know honestly. Izaya and Mikado, that's probably my anti-ship.

4.) My unpopular fandom opinion of this character is that while I adore him, I wish that people would fanart other stuff beside him and Shizuo (even though god I love those two) like really, I'd like to see some more fanart of PartyVan or Celty and Shinra. And hey people, why not throw a little bit more Mikado/Kida love out prease. ♥

5.) Oh gee, I don't know..

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Can I do another? lol Luke for Tales of the Abyss. If not, its cool.

Absolutely! ♥


1.) My heart belongs to Luke and Guy. I think that they have a special relationship and I really can't get the rivalship of Asch and Luke, but well Guy is there, he's fabulous and despite the fact that he has ever reason to dislike Luke, he doesn't, and when Luke needed to get things off his chest, who was there but Guy. So much heart.

2.) This is a non-negotiable pairing. I really just absolutely love those two toether. Yes I know that Luke and Tear is pretty much canon, sometimes the dynamic appeals to me, other times it doesn't.

3.) I don't rage, but every time I see Jade/Luke, I shed a few tears inside of my mind.

4.) Oh oh oh.. I really really really hate how the fandom in general portrays Luke as some whining sniveling uke. I really really hate it. Or fanart where Luke is drawn to be as feminine as possible. Come on people, he has a six pack, it nearly hits you in the face with it's pixels the first time you cast your eyes upon it.

5.) Vaan, I think that Luke was infatuated with Vaan because he was one of the few people who recognized him as an individual. But I do not see love lying therein, after all Luke was just another tool to Vaan, literally apart of the bad touched boy reunion.

Fang from Final Fantasy XIII? :)


1.) Fang/Vanille.. sweet, lesbian and canon. You probably expected me to say that, but it's the truth. Those two are sweet and it's about time that squaresoft got an actual homosexual side pairing. (I'll laugh in the face of anyone who tries to convince me that they are not canon... because honestly; they are.)

2.) Wow, another non-negotiable. I can't think of anyone who'd be more perfect with one or the other. And I don't want to, those two have history.

3.) Fang/Lightning. Yuri for fangirls that hate Vanille, yeah we know she has an annoying voice but honestly if you're hating her just for that.. and if you say that Vanille is too bubble gum and sunshine.. did you even play the same game as I?

4.) I think that Fang wears a sexy thong underneath her sari. That's not really an unpopular fandom opinion I realize.

5.) Fang/Any Guy. I'm sorry, what part of gay do you fanboys not understand?

I honestly cannot think of a character, so this is a free [your choice of character you want to ramble about] comment.

Oh my god, I can't decide.. I have no direction *thunk* I wanted to ramble about Ike but you know what I feel about Ike (<--made of win) so I won't, rather I will enumerate a fandom that I think that you should perhaps check out. Really I think that you'd like Durarara, because of the character interacts and you seen to like dynamics alot (just like me). Well I don't know, there are really great characters and it's one of those series in where everyone seems to know everyone else, there's a thousand little details and something that happened in one episode, you get to see the same events from another point of view in a later episode.

That's just thrown right out there, just in case you want to check it out.

I already know the OTP, but the others might be interesting.

Cho Hakkai from Saiyuki


1.) Yeah, you pretty much know my OTP, it really just struck me right off the bat when I read the manga and it's been hard to give myself anything else with them, especially because the nuances are amazing. It was definitely an easy series to fall in love with and I was very glad that I got to read it. (damn you Tokyo pop for quitting just before the final volume of RELOAD.. WTF

2.) Hakkai/Kanaan. Because I think that his relationship with her shaped his entire life, I feel that it is valuable and important. He wouldn't be the person he was in the series if not for her and I love strong dynamics like that.

3.) Uhoh. I suppose that Gojyo/Sanzo, or Hakkai/Sanzo. I don't rage at it, I just find it hard to read anything with it. My rule of thumb is that if I don't want to get angry, I don't read it (which generally keeps me from flaming every Sigurd/Bart fic on the net). Now granted I have read a few threesome fics that weren't bad, but only because Hakkai and Gojyo were written as two people who just decided to let Sanzo in for a little love, and afterwards went back to cuddling on the couch. Not that I think that's a very realistic thing in real life, but in my imagination it could happen.

4.) Oh man, I don't think I have an unpopular fandom opinion of him.. but I think that it's because for the most part the fandom is sane and everyone who ships is or the most part content to live and let live. (they aren't like the Macross Frontier fandom. Oh god if I had a quarter for every time a Alto/Ranka fan was a jerk because you liked Alto/Sheryl, I'd be able to buy that PS3 that I've wanted.

5.) His jeep.. and when I mean love, I mean IN THAT WAY. (oh the fics, oh my eyes)

...and by FFXII I mean FFX >_> ...in my defense it's uh :( late

I will get back to this one, because I don't know Jay's character or pairings nearly as well. (more familar with the other Tales) But eventually yes I will devote time to this)

1.) Kamina/Yoko. So sweet and just touching, especially just before that one episode where the creators show you something so sweet and moving, only to TAKE IT AWAY IN THE NEXT EPISODE (cry)

2.) I have a picture of Kamina and Kittan laying naked together, it's my guilty pleasure picture, I look upon it and go "damn that's hot"

3.) Kamina and Simon.. I don't know, there are some types of bromance that just doesn't need the 'mance' in it, I feel the same way about Sigurd and Bart from Xenogears. Those two had something cool and awesome, and it's hard for me to see it ruined by sex.

4.) KAMINA *SPOILER* A VIRGIN. (Fill in blank!)

5.) Ummmm oh god, I don't know. Boota? (despite their sharing moment when Boota was attached to Kamina's crotch)

Edited at 2010-08-26 05:19 am (UTC)

I wanna play!! Ehm... but whenever I say Hazel Grouse from Saiyuki, everyone gives me strange looks and I think someone even threw a dagger in my direction once, so I'll come up with another character:
Seishirou Sakurazuka from X/1999! Oh, but of course you can also do Hazel... just leave that dagger where it is, okay? XD

(Because I didn't really focus on Hazel too much in the Saiyuki series.. sorry *sweatdrops*)


1.) Seishirou/Subaru. That's a Mr. Stabby type of love right there and I am just amazed at them and the extent of love that seems to burgeon from the both of you. Both are clearly obsessedwith each other and it shows whenever they interact.

2.) Seishirou/His Mom. Oh god, is it any wonder that Seishirou forgives the slightly incestuous tones to Subaru/Hokuto? Because I don't know what was happening but Seishirou and his mother had a -very- close relationship that just hits you right in the face when you get to it.

3.) Gee I don't know, I think that I don't know any other really popular pairings for Seishirou that I dislike.

4.) I believe that Subaru was just as fucked up in the head as Seishirou was. Most people think that Subaru was still innocent by X/1999. OHOHOHOHO I THINK NOT.

5.) Seishirou/Fuuma. It ends at Ice Cream after destroying an entire city block. (because he can't very well take Subaru out for ice cream.. and Fuuma won't kill him) But logistically, Fuuma while messed up, still is not quite up to par with Seishirou.

Estelle from Tales of Vesperia?


1.) Estelle/Rita. It was funny how that came about, I was showing my girlfriend some pictures and she had started playing vesperia and she was like "Dude, these two girls are really really gay for each other" and then she showed me Estelle and Rita. Then I played the game and immediately thought, "Oh my god, those two are lesbians". I know I tend to wear yuri/yaoi goggles.. but STILL there are still some pairings which you don't need yuri goggles to see (we got our NO ANIME/VIDEO GAME CHARACTER IS GAY roommate to admit that yes, there's something there)

2.) Estelle/Yuri. It's a nice thought and I would like it if in fact I wasn't wearing my yuri/yaoi goggles.

3.) Estelle/Flynn. Because if there is anyone as gay as Estelle, it's Flynn. They'd be more suited to painting each other's nails and buying expensive baked goods that FLYNN HAD NO HAND IN BAKING.

4.) I thought that Estelle's prince outfit suited her alot. In fact I thought all of Estelle's costumes were wonderful, but as with anyone there will ALWAYS BE CRITICS.

5.) Estelle/Judith. Though I admit that Estelle does have a fascination with the way that Judith just springs with each step. When I honestly think about it though, there's no one that Estelle couldn't love.. she just has a big heart all around.

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