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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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: Inquiring minds want to know... :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
For lack of anything to really post (No serious updates here people.. just because it's just another day in the life of Jyuu..) I have a question for you all!

So Friend's List TELL ME..

What was the first anime/TV/manga/video game that somehow changed your way of thinking?

If you need a example.. I'll give you mine.

Back in 1999, I was a college student.. I had been into video games rather hardcore. I wasn't a christian per se, I really wasn't any sort of anything though I think around 1999, I considered myself because everyone else in my life was doing it. Then came Xenogears, a squaresoft cult classic. This single video game helped me to realize that it was 'okay' to believe what you believed. It was pretty much the doorway to myself being open-minded about religion and such. (though come on, I didn't judge as it was.. I wasn't that sort of christian, I was the sort to really live and let live.. when I was a high schooler, despite being a so-called christian, I didn't really have any major issues with homosexuality.

Now by watching Utena, I came to realize that it was alright to like girls, it was alright for -me- to like girls. I know it sounds silly, but those fandoms really came on the heels of each other. First Xenogears and then Utena. And those two series will go down as having shaped me into the person that I am today. (I feel like they are a core and integral part of my soul.)

So Flist, tell me your stories!

I won't go into details because this entry's public, but both Utena and Fushigi Yugi for reasons very similar to your own.

Coincidentally, this was around 1999 as well, so go figure!

Yeah, you know that was a year of change for me.. Utena is very near and dear to my heart because there were so many questions and issues brought up. I knew that I had always been a lesbian at heart -but- Utena sort of made me acknowledge it to myself.

I haven't had an anime/manga do that. But the anime that got me into anime/manga was YuGiOh. xD

It's kind of really stupid, but I think the first anime to make me change my mind about something was Pani Poni Dash. After watching it I realized it doesn't require me to be some kind of an epic person/be really really good at something to have friends. Or more like, even if I was a genius, I still could be treated as a normal child. And the opposite - even if I was a complete idiot, I'd still have friends.

Well, I'm pretty sure there were a lot of other times when anime/games/manga/etc made me change my way of thinking but they were more minor.

Tamora Pierce books and Harry Potter. Tamora Pierce because, growing up, I was surrounded by a lot of sexist and homophobic sentiments, and Tamora Pierce's books have strong, capable lady main characters who could kick major ass as well as awesome gay characters who aren't treated as anomalies. It was a major confidence boost for me, even though I hadn't come out to myself yet about anything.

Harry Potter for similar reasons; it shaped my thoughts on bigotry for a long time.

I've never read Tamora pierce but I've heard she's a really good author.

1984. Just 1984. I'm a cynic by nature, so the dystopic environment appealed to me, and I'm big into political or historical satire. I don't know if I can name the ways it's made me think differently, but I definitely feel that I think differently because of it. Probably not a good different, but...

I'm pretty sure half of what I've watched, read, and played has some sort of "never give up" lesson to it. It sounds stupid, but it might have been my first Pokemon game that gave me my "give it better than your best effort, and don't give up when you feel like you need to" mentality. I definitely don't think I put much effort into anything before I was 5/6/7.

Well I think that something like that isn't about good or bad, I think it is about how it 'shaped' you regardless. And those are excellent examples!

Hm. I'm really giving this some thoughts right now, and I'm thinking of all the series and books and movies I remember watching but did they influence me? I'm afraid I must say no. I'm the kind of person to not be influenced by pieces of someone else's phantasy. Maybe that makes me a stubborn person? I don't mean to be stubborn, but I think that, subconsciously, and acknownledging that as a living person I have to be shaped somehow by outside influence, I wish to be shaped a posteriori, not a priori. Uhm. I guess what I want to say is that I don't want fiction to change my view on reality. But maybe that is not a choice I make but fiction in itself - I probably have been changed by some things I only saw on screen or read in a book but I don't acknowledge it. Because I'm very stubborn.

I do not believe that something can really influence you, but I do think that series can act as catalysts to that which is already there.

Slayers planted a little seed inside me that slowly grew into a love and preference for fantasy, and the role of the white mage. Because of it, I choose magic as my 'weapon' of choice. The character Amelia inspired me to have a strong morale and a sense of justice. And I'm stubborn as hell.

Oh man when you said Weapon of Choice, It seems to bring mind to Christopher Walkin dancing.


And it was pretty similar, I guess. The idea that nothing is absolute, and that I should believe what I want to believe regardless of what other people want me to do. Things like that.

Neon Genesis Evangelion. It... wow. I can't even describe my mental love affair with that series. I've written several papers on it over the course of college, and it just completely took my brain, fucked with it, and handed it back to me changed. I loved it.

Edited at 2010-08-22 07:59 pm (UTC)

That definitely is one fucked up series. >.>

Mine was Odin Sphere. Specifically Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere. I always held honor, or what now a days is recognition, as something I always wanted to receive, but I never ever wanted love. Odin Sphere made me realize that what you need isn't honor or recognition, but love. And sometimes you have to do things for the ones you love over things that will get you honor.

It... depends of what you mean by that. I don't have anything that made me go "OMG I MUST BECOME MORE LIKE XYZ AND TURN MY LIFE INSIDE OUT" or "WOW, I'M ACTUALLY THIS KIND OF PERSON AND I WILL EMBRACE IT". I wish I had, but nothing influenced me for the good yet.

I think the closest thing was watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. I didn't learn diddly squat, as they're the worst role models ever, but I could see traces of myself in some characters and they made me feel less of a freak. The realization that I have a Hedgehog's Dilemma made me get up my ass and talk to people first in my first day of college. Sadly I've reverted to my old state and I'm unable to do that anymore, though. But it made a difference in one point of my life.

Then there are old fandoms from my ---teen years that defined my tastes and helped to embrace my geek, but I'm not sure you meant this. Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin, Slayers, The Legend of Zelda games for N64, Harry Potter, CLAMP. Later on, I don't think I would've gotten into my current video game fandoms if it weren't for Okami. There are many anime/manga that are teaching me things, but they're not so ground-breaking, I suppose.

Ahahaha well you know, I think what I really meant was things that acted as catalysts. I had already had the tendancy to be gay, even before I even knew what anime/manga was. (I had severe crushes on girls before guys) but Utena sort of taught me that it was okay to just BE. It pretty much took away the shame I would of felt. There was really no guilt, it helped me to be more open and accepting of myself, to be a Prince and not care what anyone else said.

Video games in general opened me up to yaoi, anime, and manga.

I know lame, but it was life changing.

Anime... hmm that's tough. I'd say Escaflowne because it was the first one I saw that didn't seem specifically aimed toward kids (even though it aired on Fox Kids for a few episodes. BOY, they must've been surprised). I loved all of the mythology it seemed to have and the elements of politics mixed together with the characters. I also liked Hitomi a lot, because she was realistically scared and unsure in this new world without being exaggerated at all.

Final Fantasy X was lifechanging for me because I'd only known about NES and N64 games until then. If I wanted to be completely honest, Ocarina of Time would be THE GAME THAT CHANGED MY LIFE, but FFX was the one that showed me just how much was out there. I loved the possibilities.

I'll also just add Kingdom Hearts in because I found my best friend of years and years through it. It's worth a place for that reason alone.

AND THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT. It's funny how somethinglike games and anime can really change your though process. I am sure that there are other ways of catalysts for other people, but I am a firm believer in catalysts, the things that reveal something that you always knew was hidden deep inside of you.

Hmm.. for anime, I think it would go back to when I watched "Loveless" back in 2005, it also happens to be the first anime I've ever downloaded. I guess I could say it was the start of me being more open minded about homosexuality. Before that, I would have thought it was disgusting, sinful, and all that stuff. Religious upbringing did influence that. But I was 14, I also didn't think too much about homosexuality. But I do consider myself religious now, and I enjoy yaoi, and occasionally yuri -

I had extreme religious upbringing too.. so I understand where you are coming from, I sort of lucked out in that I had an Uncle who was very gay, but I still thought that for myself I couldn't be gay, because that was going against God's plan, and then after a while I just realized that I had to make my own decisions, good or bad, and I couldn't live with the guilt of being anything less then myself.

Monster. I watched it in 2007, during a very difficult time for me. I had just transferred to a new college after having a nervous breakdown at my old one. I constantly feared the worst out of everything in life, and avoided any kind of conflict because I was just plain scared. And even though it sounds stupid, Monster helped me turn all that around. I felt like I couldn't use fear as an excuse for avoiding conflicts any more, and even more than that, it made me realize that even if the absolute worst possible things happen...if I'm still alive, I can keep living and be happy again one day. For such a dark series, it's got a very optimistic message, and that was exactly what I needed to hear back then.