Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

: Trials, Tribulations and Jublilations at Walmart :

Well first of all, I won a major victory at work and I'm as pleased as punch (that is my new phrase, pleased as punch.. it has a nice ring to it). Now granted you have to keep in mind that the work enviroment is such that most people hire at part time and they never really make it upward, it's naturally because of the economy. However in the MONTH that I've been at this Walmart, I've drawn recognition at Walmart.. from the Store Manager no less. Most people go "Uhoh, store manager knows me by name.. better hide" but no, the Store Manager knows me by name because everyone is always saying such wonderful things about my work and how I work my butt off.

Well Karen (night shift assistant manager) summouned me to her office and I was like "Oh shit, what did I do?" but really she closed the door and looked at me. "Nia, Teresa (the store manager) wants to know if you'd be interested in full time, she really wants to give it to you" and I am like. "OH MY GOD!" in my mind, but outwardly I went "I would love to work full time" (there are several part timers, I'm the most recent of the part timers BUT the fact that she put me at the top of the list touches me). Then Karen gave me a talk about how I could pretty much be anything in the store with the attitude and work ethic that I had; CSM, Claims Manager, Support.. all those things. Which quite honestly really touched me. I really like to believe that yes, I can do a good job and I can get the job done, but likewise I would like to believe that I have a good attitude, I rarely do any complaining about work (It's a necessary part of life) But I'm also happy that she recognized that I do want to go up in the chain, yes I am hoping that I can do some training so that I could become an eventual Support Manager on overnights.

So go me, I have full time now. After struggling with a system at my old Wal-mart, my initiative and ability has FINALLY been recognized. I think that I'm allowed another "GO ME!"
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