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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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: From Eroica with Love - vol 1 - 15 complete according to cmx :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So I finished volumes 14 and 15 of From Eroica with Love and I think that they orchestrated a rather magnificient cut-off, for the volumes to end right there really does make a whole lot of sense, though I've been reading volume 16 on mangafox, because let's face it, how can one NOT enjoy Klaus and Dorian. Of course when I was reading through it, it really led me to question, 'why is this series so epic?'. It's hard for me to really consider it from anyone's perspective but mine own.

What makes Eroica memoriable for me is that it doesn't force feed you the guy on guy. In fact it is 36 volumes of tension. You know that delicious sexual tension where you're wondering when exactly they are going to kiss (never mind do it already, as I'm pretty sure that Klaus's iron ass is still girded with the iron chastity belt.). It has very attractive men and but most importantly this series gives you 'dynamics'. Loads of it, and in a world of 'wham bam thank you sir..' that is in other manga, it's very refreshing.

Also this manga has 'story'. In a world where characters can spend pages staring into each other's eyes, in this manga there's always something going on, some coup to unravel, some fukkin' commies (yeah, un-politically correct now, but in the 70s that was what everyone called them) and the hilarity (the first volume when Dorian steals Klaus's tank, *not really a spoiler if it's in the first volume* you know that you've hit upon treasure.) Every single volume has had me weeping for the next volume and the last volume brought a tear to my eye since CMX is no longer around to distribute the series, that means that if no one picks up the liscense, then there'll simply be no more.

Eroica is not instant gratification, Klaus never comes out of the closet, and Dorian never quite gets to hit that but I think that there are tons of ficcers who actually write stuff that is fairly good, in character and who actually think about what it is they are writing. Due to the nature of Eroica in general, ficcing it is really a hard job since there's so much history you need to know, so much terminology and the characters are built in such a way that it's almost impossible for them to go in and screw each other automatically, which makes for fics that are wonderously vibrant and intricate.

I think for me the biggest payoff is/was the characters. The characters are unforgettable, when you get volumes in and you see Dorian and Klaus in action, then you realize that with characterizations and chemistry like that, sex would just be anti-climactic (though hey, imagination is a wonderful thing) and not to mention that you just learn so much about the characters slowly and surely, in little splurts.

I enjoyed my eroica ride and I sincerely hope that I can compel some of you to check out the series if indeed it sounds like something that might interest you.


On a completely unrelated note. Genshiken. I ♥ this series.

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I am part of the way through volume fourteen, which is good as always. I think there is a good formula to the writing of the manga, so that there are things that you expect that happen in ways you had not expected, if that makes sense. The plot is full of international intrigue, which is beyond anything I could dream up, I'm just not that versed in politics.

It's interesting though that all the elements that make a manga good are the ones that are relatively uninteresting when it comes to RP.

Yeah, well I don't know.. I think that it's because by nature I'm greedy and I don't have a whole lot of patience, and if in control of the characters, I probably just tend to fuck it up alot of the time, I don't know.

It was just an observation that I found interesting. There isn't any really fucking up in something like rp, I don't think, there is only individual likes and the cross point between people where they meet.

Yeah, very true. You have a point there.

I remember you mentioning this manga series in one of your earlier entries. Something I definitely need to check out ~

If someone picks it up, I hope they release it a bit faster than CMX did. (@__@) In the meantime, scanlations are also lagging but at least they're much further ahead?

Still, I hate all this dropping of series midway through. Tokyopop stopped Saiyuki Reload just before the final volume. Whut. Whut, I ask you.

Yeah, you know I think that Vertical inc would be the only one that would really release from Eroica. Someone suggested June manga, but they cater to a particular brand of yaoi that's more current and mainstream things. And yes, thank goodness for that.

Blu might be a good venue, they after all released Earthian. >.>

Thank you very much. It's a series that I didn't expect myself really liking until I had gotten my hands onto it ('gee this looks interesting, I should buy the first volume') and then after that, I was like a wild beast that needed to be sated.

Same here. I never read slash until Eroica--my introduction being through a crossover fic. Then someone *cough*mosellegreen*cough* sent me the scanlations and there was no turning back. Hey! How long has this been going on?!

It's a very engaging story and I think that the characters are so well defined. And that's what I sort of ask for in anything that I read, dynamics and character development. I actually would like to get my hands on "Sons of Eve" and other of her works. (I can't help it though, I'm a sucker for Klaus, german with a gun. True heaven right there!

Also, Hi! I never ever expected you to comment on my page, I'm a little bit honoured in fact.

You're certainly compelling me to check it out! XD

There needs to be more addicts to this series. I'm hoping to up the count so that if we get a petition going, all at least have contributed to the bodies to sign it (I really want Eroica to get put out by someone else)

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