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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
umegaki has wanted to hear my 'thoughts on yaoi'.. errh I mean my favorite genre of video games. Now honestly everyone, you don't want to hear my thoughts on yaoi.. because to truly hear them, you'd probably doubt if I was ever a fan of buttsecks to begin with (seriously I am, but there are ALOT of tropes that bug the fukkin' hell out of me.) One day if ever I start feeling ambitious I will sharesubject you to my opinions on them. That seems to happen once every year or in a blue moon when I see something that just pisses me off.

As for my favorite genre of video games. I really love RPGs but honestly there are alot of ones that just don't hold my attention and primarily the ones who do not have good character development. I sort of demand character development in anything I read and/or play.. insipidity also pisses me off though not enough to actually rant about it. I cannot even think of what else to say about this subject considering that I really just like RPGs. Girlfriend and I are slowly working our way through various Tales games which makes me happy.. (and I haven't loved a video game character since Raven/Schwann)

I'm currently watching Genshiken, I've heard too many good things about that series, and truly.. it's really very epic and lol!inducing. (It was about time I got my ass into gear considering that too many people have recommended it to me, and generally if the person has an opinion I respect, then I will give it a chance/listen/watch.)

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Tales games are the best *A* /biasedbiasedbiased

They have the most likeable characters in any RPGs I've played.

Agreed. The character development is win becuase of all of those skits. It's just really awesome and I enjoyed Tales of Vesperia so very much.. so so so so so so much.

I love Vesperia *A* It's definitely my 2nd favorite, after Abyss. And Raven is SO AWESOME. Make sure you watch the Vesperia movie.

Genshiken is awesome! Really!

LOL as far as RPG's are concerned, Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series are teh KING.

I agree with you on character development! That's pretty much the most important thing to me when it concerns RPGs. :)

Oh, trust me, you are so not alone on the yaoi rants. That's why I'm the pickiest little bitch about what I read. Tons of things turn me off from it, but when you do find that one series, or that one fanfic, or that one pairing, that is perfectly developed, its worth all "rape=love" "m-preg" "self-insert" etc that comes with the territory.

there are alot of ones that just don't hold my attention and primarily the ones who do not have good character development.

This. My biggest complaint these days with RPGs is that they seem to "fill in the hours/space" with endless questing. Most new RPGs have these horrible, pointless quests to keep the player busy 40 more hours and it drives me MAD.

I have nothing against quests if it somehow ties in with meaninful plot and or character development, I really take offense to it when the quests in questions are just to load up on TOP SECRET LOOT. (ahem ff12, looking at you)

and oh god, yaoi.. it's a love/hate relationship with me.

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