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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So volume 14 and 15 of From Eroica with Love came in the mail yesterday thus completing my collection of the english translated version of the series. CMX closed it's doors last month and took Eroica with it. This saddens me really because when it comes down to it, I really liked this series, it was perhaps my favorite series to collect (aside from BlackJack which I am INCREDIBLY BEHIND ON). Eroica fueled my love of old school mangaka and made me go back and revisit the classics that I think are essential to any love of anime/manga.

There was a call for Eroica to be published by June manga, but I -really- don't think that venue would be right for a classic like Eroica. I personally think that the best bet would be Vertical Inc, but only because they've published many things from that particular group of women mangaka. I don't really post my own opinion on the fancommunity though because people like mprice intimidate me a little bit, and I would just hate to make an utter faux pas and goof up over there on the community.

Tonight I'm going to read my two volumes of Eroica (plus vol 13 because I need to recap myself on what's happening in Klaus n' Dorian-land.) and I will personally mourn the fact that there won't be any more published Eroica unless an act of god occurs (and the state of anime and manga is such that it likely won't happen). This also means that I'll have to start reading manga-fox's translations starting at vol 16.

God damn it, I have the hiccups, you know how hard it is to concentrate on typing when you have hiccups?

Also, the first person to see this entry, comment with something you want me to talk about in my next journal entry and I'll do it! (it can be anything from fandom related to something more personal.. anything at all)

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Orz, I hate it when manga publishers go out like that. :( The same thing happened with a couple series we were collecting from Broccoli Books. When they went under, the series were never picked up by a different company here. I hope that Eroica will have better luck! ♥

Damn, I wasn't the first commenter. Well, things like that happen. It sucks, but that's just the way things are.

mprice intimidates me even though we're LJ friends.

I think it is because everything that happens in Eroica really involves her mostly, I think she's the most vocal voice. Every fic I've read has been from her and well she just has this presence. Hell if we were LJ friends, I probably couldn't talk to her for tht sheer enormity of her presence. (and I certainly wouldn't want embarass myself in front of her. oh gods)

She's like a BNF but without the drama. Sometimes when I read one of her fics and I think someone's acting a bit OOC (which happens rarely), I'm kinda of afraid to point it out because fff who am I to comment.

Yeah I know.. well I think that goes with anyone who really writes, I know I've written a few characters OOC and I rarely comment on someone because well it's their voice. But BNFs (even without the drama) are very intimidating. I stalked myaru back when she was the art editor at RPgamer, and then one day I came around to find she had friended me, it took me forever to really talk to her because of the enormity of her web presence. -_-

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