Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Just a note before I go in and make myself DELICIOUS FOOD...

Welcome, xx_hail, I don't really have a intro or welcome post because usually if people were to read something along those lines coming from me, they'd probably run off screaming and in fear (and I want to keep new friends :sad:). The house that Jyuu built is sometimes wonderous, sometimes wierd and oftentimes confusing.

Now before Shuu left for Florida, she was awesome enough to pick me up makings for a BLT, so that you know, I wouldn't starve.


Also.. this.. is the cutest Hetalia picture of Germany/Italy that I've ever seen. I wants an icon of it now.

(thanks to smoke_and_oakum for posting up the picture else I would of never known it existed.)
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