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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Just a note before I go in and make myself DELICIOUS FOOD...

Welcome, xx_hail, I don't really have a intro or welcome post because usually if people were to read something along those lines coming from me, they'd probably run off screaming and in fear (and I want to keep new friends :sad:). The house that Jyuu built is sometimes wonderous, sometimes wierd and oftentimes confusing.

Now before Shuu left for Florida, she was awesome enough to pick me up makings for a BLT, so that you know, I wouldn't starve.


Also.. this.. is the cutest Hetalia picture of Germany/Italy that I've ever seen. I wants an icon of it now.

(thanks to smoke_and_oakum for posting up the picture else I would of never known it existed.)

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Man, if I liked bacon and tomatoes that would have sounded amazing since I'm so hungry right now! I'm glad that someone got you something so you didn't starve. :3

Yeah, my girlfriend is good about treating me right.. she even made me a pitcher of tea before she left which will probably last me all weekend. woot! ♥

Must be nice. I have been out of a relationship for quite sometime. But, then again, my boyfriend never did anything like that for me. He did end up paying for everyone's food once because he was the type of guy that embarrassed easily. So he did it to just get out of there.

Edited at 2010-08-13 10:18 pm (UTC)

You know, she's usually good about making my favorite meals and such, she's really like a mom at heart. But it's definitely nice. Honestly if I had thought of it, I would of asked her to make the curried shepard's pie, but I just really did forget. >.>

Curried shepherds pie? Now I am really hungry!

Oh yes, she makes it.. it has the beef and vegitables, but she makes this curried sauce to go over it before she heaps on the mashed potatos.. it's SO good, oh god.. I have no words for the wonder of this dish. (I'm such a foodie, it's really pathetic in it's own way)

Ah, I'm not so much of a foodie as I am a pizza person. I like all types of pizzas and my best friend constantly makes fun of me for it.

Hey pizza is good too.. I do love pizza (unfortunately pizza loves me not so much. :sad:)

Awww, I feel bad for people that can't eat pizza a lot of the time. Since I started losing weight and stuff I had to cut back, but I like bland or spicy foods so it wasn't much of a hassle for me to change my diet.

Pizza is amazing some places, and at other places I wish I could forget they had it. (Red Lobster crab pizza is one such pizza that made me cry crocodile tears because it was very mixed signals.)

You know the best pizza I ever had was perhaps Anthony's Pizza, it's the type of pizza you can unfortunately only get on a military installation base, however the cheese was always thick and it was almost a perfect combination of everything, of sauce (the sauce I think made the pizza.. it was slightly sweet and tangy, I've never had a sauce like that since) and when I was able to handle it, I ate pizza from there like it was going out of style.

(Deleted comment)

I haven't even watched more than 5 episode of Hetalia (but I will watch the Dub, especially after watching the trailer). And I still think that image is really cute <3

oh I can't wait for the dub... >.>

BLTs are really good :D

That picture is so adorable!! Germany/Italy is definitely one of my favorite Hetalia pairings ^^ Is that HRE next to them? :DDD

Yes it is.. I think that's sort of a throwback to the whole Germany is HRE type thing. Or rather a grown up version of him.

I'm totally not amazing at making icons but this picture is adorable. And I love BLTs. I'm not sure why that made me want to make an icon, but whatever :p

That's a lovely icon! ♥ It's a very adorable picture nad you did something very adorable and amazing with it!

Aww thanks : ) You know I didn't get the notif that you replied but I was scrolling through my flist and saw YOUR version of it and one day I hope to be as awesome at making icons as you because kajsd;fkjadf it's adorable <3

Ahahaha you know, that's just a product of much practice, I constantly humble myself by going back and looking what I made five years back.. just to keep myself from getting stuck up. It's really just practice and really anyone can do it. The thing with your icon is that the colours are very vibrant and I'm a firm advocate of bright colours, most of the times alot of icons to me seem really washed out. I really did enjoy your icon.

And thank you for the very kind compliment, I really and sincerely do appreciate it!

Hi! Pretend I'm welcoming you to my journal here, because I'm lame and will forget the next time I make an entry. 8I

And omg that picture is adorable. Not gonna lie, that clothing looks pretty comfy too. Iwantit.

NOT TO MENTION THE SLIPPERS (I can't get over those bear slippers!)

It is,, some things are just too sweet for words!

It's good that your not going to starve!!

That is a sweet picture! <3

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