Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I didn't post this yesterday for some reason, I don't know why. But it's really an awesome little ditty.

It was when I was trying to find a song of Gary Barlow's for the response to the music meme that I'm doing. However like with all Take That related media, I tended to click on everything I saw and thus leading me away from my initial search (I know, sucks) and I actually stumbled across a little piece of win. It's a little clip of this show that Gary Barlow was on, like a quiz of some sorts.. and it was Stephen Fry, Gary Barlow and some chick that I'm not sure who she is. But it had a question delievered by another of my favorite groups, Keane.

Maths Question

JUST SO MUCH WIN. I had to shush myself from laughing because shuufish was still asleep.

I know that Keane just came out with a new album, but damn it.. when are they coming out with another one. :jumps up and down: as I said on Facebook, Keane just upped their attractiveness in my mind by the power of eight.

Also, it's no fun making Strike Witches icons unless they are as gratuitous as possible.

And with that being said, shuufish, here is your Barkhorn icon!


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