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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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: lol.. buttsex:
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

What does my flist feel about the whole 'vic mignogna once again getting his claws into a canonically gay character'?

For anyone who hasn't heard, the most anti-yaoi of the anti-yaoi voice actors, Vic Mignogna, has gotten cast as Greece in the Hetalia dub. For anyone who also doesn't know, Vic tried to tell millions of fangirls that he was the authority on Fai and not CLAMP (and thus insisting that CLAMP would never draw their characters in compromising positions with members of the same sex *cough*)

You know what I think he does? I think he goes in, tries for the gayest character in a series AND THEN HE PLAYS THEM AS STRAIGHT.

Doesn't change my opinion of the characters though. Tamaki was a stretch yes (I will give him Tamaki who could potentially be straight for Haruhi even though I'm much more a fan of his relationship with Kyouya) but Fai was being done in the ass by Kurogane, and I'm pretty sure that's not just a fangirl's opinion, also... Greece and Japan, did it, done it and got a postcard of it to send to relatives back home.

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Sigh. I wish he'd stop letting his popularity get to his head :V especially since, well >_>;; good voice acting or not, his re-interpretations of characters don't give him the authority on the matter that he thinks it does -_-

It is sort of depressing that he does seem to end up inflicting his personal beliefs both on his interpretations of the characters -_- and fandom in general, from a place of celebrity.

(and thus insisting that CLAMP would never draw their characters in compromising positions with members of the same sex *cough*)

Though, this really makes me wonder what he thinks the guys are doing in all those pictures then :'( Wrestling for control over the remote control?

"I think that's enough Lifetime Network for you, Subaru. Too much TV is bad for your mind *grin* We wouldn't want Hoshiko to worry~*"

...in any case, I think you might be right hahaha >___>

The thing that I do not like about Vic (and seriously, I could care less if he is a christian, if he's a christian then good on him.. I admire anyone with strong beliefs *if* they have the good sense to not inflict said beliefs on others) is that once he plays a character, he thinks that he is the end-all authority of them.. just like a really elitist RPer who refuses to accept that other people have different interpertations of said character. Or like those fangirls who thought that J/K didn't know how to write her own characters.

Clamp is known for the gay, and in every single series there is at least one gay couple. it doesn't matter what that series is, if it's Clamp, there is gay in it. And it's not just gay, it's fucked up twisted gay.

I agree :/ and very apt examples.

And yeah, I'm well aware XD; ...and yeah definitely >_>;; even when one of the male characters (in a heavily implied m/m relationship of any kind) ends up with a woman, there's still that undeniable chemistry that CLAMP builds between them.

...which, I guess, is why his attitude is so mind boggling x_x he reminds me of the 'earlier' days of Western fandom -_- and the horrendous CLAMP pairing wanks (especially in X >__>)

I thoroughly endorse that Kamui gets a piece of Fuuma -and- Kotori.. because that's just a little bit hot. >.>

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