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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: lol.. buttsex:
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

What does my flist feel about the whole 'vic mignogna once again getting his claws into a canonically gay character'?

For anyone who hasn't heard, the most anti-yaoi of the anti-yaoi voice actors, Vic Mignogna, has gotten cast as Greece in the Hetalia dub. For anyone who also doesn't know, Vic tried to tell millions of fangirls that he was the authority on Fai and not CLAMP (and thus insisting that CLAMP would never draw their characters in compromising positions with members of the same sex *cough*)

You know what I think he does? I think he goes in, tries for the gayest character in a series AND THEN HE PLAYS THEM AS STRAIGHT.

Doesn't change my opinion of the characters though. Tamaki was a stretch yes (I will give him Tamaki who could potentially be straight for Haruhi even though I'm much more a fan of his relationship with Kyouya) but Fai was being done in the ass by Kurogane, and I'm pretty sure that's not just a fangirl's opinion, also... Greece and Japan, did it, done it and got a postcard of it to send to relatives back home.

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We should write him asking if Austria is gay because he lets Hungary do him in the ass with her strap-on. (oh wait, that only happens in my mind)

Though an interesting thought, if Hungary does Austria in the ass with her strap-on, does that make her a gay guy? OH EXISTENTIAL QUESTIONS.

buttsecks is serious business

Maybe it makes the both of them gay for only each other, or really, really kinky. Possibly both.

Re: buttsecks is serious business

You know, I think that Hungary would go lesbo for Austria, that'd be hot. (after all lesbians like the yaoi, amirite?)

here now, have a face full of hartmann in heat.. woot

Re: buttsecks is serious business

Mmmmm Hartmann... yummy. Why don't I have a Barkhorn icon?

Austria/Hungary lesbians = HOT!

Re: buttsecks is serious business

Oh hell yes, Austria and Hungary lesbians.. A really wierd thing where they each split into their opposite gender half, and then they all live in the same house and do each other constantly.. y'know sort of like Anubituf, Guragief, Guragieve and Anubiel. *teehee*

Re: buttsecks is serious business

Oh, well, that makes perfect sense to me! They are a multi-sexual household then. There should be a street for those in muse town.

(oh wait, that only happens in my mind)

Actually, it's considered canon by most of the kink meme. To the point where if you DON'T want her taking him with a strap on, you have to make special mention of it XD

You know, I think that it's a hot concept and considering that she's such a hardcore fujoshi, that it probably does happen. (I think I've read one kinkmeme entry where that happened which might of been where I thought it was hot for Austria to be done with a strap-on)

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