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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
VIRGO LIST! *coupled with the "yuri, hide me from the disturbing" icon*

1.) The store manager actually came up to me today (now for a bit of background, I just recently transferred to this new store and when we talked on the phone, she referred to me by my real name instead of the nickname that everyone at work calls me) and went "Nia, I just wanted to welcome you to our store, I've heard so many good things about you from the managers on night shift.. thank you for your hard work".

You could of prodded me with a stick and I would of fell over. I've never had a store manager be so friendly and welcoming, who took the time to find out my 'nickname' (most store managers have gone "Nia, who's that?"). It just really gave me a glow of pleasure. It's also nice to know that I've been making a name for myself.. the cosmetics/HBA manager wants me to work in her department and I think she's been pulling for me. Though the meat department wants to keep me too. I left the store feeling very appreciated and with warm and fuzzies.

2.) Certain people need to realize that when they start going 'blah blah blah blah not-gay', that myself and Jennie usually just try to tune him out, pesky roommate. It's ridiculous to get worked up over FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

3.) The gay guy that works in frozen is just so adorable. We stood there where the meat wall connected with the cheese wall and we just bonded. I want to be his fag hag something fierce, if I had to think about who he reminded me of in terms of gay.. it'd be my original muse Riley Valiase. So nice and so sweet, with a smile for everyone and just always asking you how you are, I bet he can cook up a storm too. We basically just talked about how his cheese wall was empty and lonely.. man, he's just adorable. ♥


This video will make you feel dirty, especially when you realize that you're having uncomfortable thoughts about furries.

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Oh no

that commercial


That was so nice of your new manager.

Yeah, I thought so.. I just really wasn't expecting it.

I was watching the commercial and all I could think was 'Orangina isn't really that good'. I had friends who were nuts about it but me, not so much.

You know, it isn't the fact that he makes the comments that bothers me, it's the fact that I know he is trying to pick a fight when he says that crap. GRRRrrrr

Also, it won't be long before you have full time I think, particularly if the store manager has noticed you.

See all I could think about was the zebra in whorekini's. My mind didn't really register that it was a commercial until at the very end when the Orangina came up on the screen and then my mind was so shot by furry cheesecake that I didn't think "What is Orangina?" I just went "What the hell did I just watch?"

I can definitely understand that, I thought the octopus girl was special.

Yes she was very special.. I still have no words and I'm afraid to watch the commercial again because I remembered how it turned my brain to fush..

Then don't watch it! I will make brownies after dinner and we can forget all about it.

Oh wow, your store manager sounds incredibly nice! And that's really neat that two departments are interested in you working with them too. I'm glad that you're feeling appreciated, that's a great feeling to have at work--especially at a new place. :D *hugs* ♥

It's ridiculous to get worked up over FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.
~Yes, it's quite silly.

~Your co-worker does sound rather adorable. :)

Oh my...that commercial. That's the first time I've ever seen that video!

Oh gods, I tell you.. after viewing that video and sharing it, I went instantly to bed to cleanse my mind of all of that. Just it boggledit!

Good to hear your manager appreciates your hard work :)

I'm not sure whether it is ridiculous to get worked up about fictional characters - if one really likes them, they are almost real for that person. At least I definitely often think about what would Kamina do in this or that situation when I need to make a decision :DD

aaaaw, work sounds like it's going so well! that's awesome.

and a cheese wall should never be empty. just today we were talking at work about how i was so happy that we have the genes that gives us the enzyme to process lactose XD yay genetics nerds

That really is a nice store manager. I'm glad to hear that work seems to be working out for you ^^

speaking of gay, orangina, and furries:

I am surprised that one of its other commercials was this... domestic >_>

OMG that video made me feel so uncomfortable. LOL I don't know if I'm just a prudish American because I think it's a bit over the top even if they weren't animals or... what but... I'm still laughing so I'm guessing it's all good XD

::watches the two videos, roflmao:: Those are kick-ass! ::giggles:: And furries can be hawt!

Yay for friendly store managers! :D

*stays away from the video* >___>;

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