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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I'm just really glad that Yuri and Flynn finally got to that 'brofist' moment at the end of the evening. That is the trouble of having two muses in myself and my girlfriend's box who was canonically previously in a relationship (and not anymore) is that they still really do care for each other and their arguments are big and fierce.. but honestly for as much as I was crying, when Flynn held up his fist and went 'brofist?" and then when Yuri went "Sure" and held up fist.. it just made me sniffle because it was beautiful.

Bros.. forever and ever.

As faggy as the term 'bromance' is.. I think it's a term that Flynn would use.

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Bros before hos, yo. *A*; Even if I don't ship them.

You know, I don't really ship them either, I'm just really caught up in the dynamics of their relationship. I really just like their utter dynamics together.. you know they really -are- family, no matter how you ship them.

Yeah. They exhibit the type of friendship that should really be more prevalent in games and anime. :|

I can see Yuri wincing now, but bromance is absolutely correct.

Yes, and it is true.. bros before ho's!

Raven's on notice.

Bros before ho's about sums it up.

The fact that Raven's a ho.. hilarious.

Well more like a skank.. skank is a bit different then a ho, it also denotes the mange a little bit more. Flynn says that as long as Yuri gives Raven proper bathes, he will not ask to have him leashed.

Yuri said he'll take his chances with Raven's personal hygiene habits and if he's leashed then they can deal with it when it happens. Secretly I think he would enjoy a leashed Raven.

Raven and Schwann I think are both the types that they'd probably enjoy being on the recieving end of bondage.

Oh my... that's useful information!

It's funny but I think that they would both think the loss of control was hot.. and I don't think Yuri would offend them if he got them matching collars for their birthday. >.>

*watches Yuri write 'matching collars' on Schwann and Raven's birthday list* I think it's been duly noted.

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