Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Jyuu's favorite british supergroup MAY play the Hollywood Bowl next year, and if they play the Hollywood Bowl, it stands to reason that they may just start touring american-ly. IN WHICH POINT JYUU WILL BE ONE HAPPY TAKE THAT FANGIRL. The euphoria that I will expirience will be second to none. I will be thrilled and there'll be no hope for me, now I'm not too scared that Robbie can ruin a Take That stage show. He can't, not where Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard are concerned. It'll be epic despite the fact that Robbie is back (for good, the jury's out on that even though the press is sure he is, it's not like they LIED about Robbie not rejoining Take That). Four-fifths of that whole is still damn epic, and while a bit of salt can sour the milk, does Take That resemble milk? NAH.

ALSO british FRIENDS! I am going to need someone to deposit money via paypal to so that THEY CAN PREORDER THE NEW TAKE THAT CD FOR ME! (or anyone that really play.com (uk) ships to. ANYONE INTERESTED IN DOING THIS, I WILL GLADLY PAY COSTS AS WELL AS SHIPPING. HELP A HELPLESS AMERICAN OUT! THANK YOU zweilous

Take That potentially hitting the Hollywood Bowl, damn.. that's like a dream come true, if only they had done this with the Circus or Beautiful World tour. Oh well, better late then never.
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