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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
New icon, and shuufish has the matching icon. (there are differences, I promise). Using the breakup song that I associate with the two of them. "Like I Never Loved You At All" by Take That. It's a very poignant song. I prefer Raven/Yuri/Schwann BUT I do not take the route where I think that Yuri and Flynn never had a relationship because all signs point to them actually having had one, a pretty major one that affected both their lives. I am wierd, I am really just intriqued by the dynamics of their break up and I don't hate the relationship at all, if I hated the relationship.. I wouldn't have an icon of them to begin with.

There was just so many issues, and early on in the game both Shuu and I came to the conclusion that really Yuri and Flynn behaved like they had a really bad break up in the past.

My Flynn will always watch out for Shuu's Yuri, and give him 6 am calls (or earlier) about what Yuri should and shouldn't do. And I really enjoy that dynamic, they are still close, even if they aren't together in my mind.

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And my Yuri will secretly worry about Flynn and take every 6 am call because that's just they way they are. They can go on, but they can't get away. The relationship is intriguing, on that score both you and I agree.

Schwann, Yuri and Raven.. the phone rings and Yuri picks up and Schwann and Raven are both snuggled up and completely out to the world while Yuri talks to Flynn, until Raven in his sleep tries to turn off the cell phone because he's starting to wake.

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And if Raven manages it then Yuri just goes back to sleep, I doubt he tries to fight him off. In such cases he just calls Flynn back at a decent hour.

That's such a pretty icon! :)

Thank you so much. And Vesperia is such a pretty game! ♥

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Yeah, their dynamic is really very special. When we played the BIG fight with Yuri and Flynn double teaming, Shuu handed me the controller and was like "YOU PLAY FLYNN" and I did and we were both there playing the two characters, it was great, and we had to laugh at the bickering they did all through the fight.

sorry for not commenting recently been really busy! having matching icons is really cute!

It's alright, I know it's been pretty busy with the whole end of year thing for you.. and also you probably have been wanting to spend time with the friends that you've made over there (yes, I do read your journal!) so no worries, and thank you... both Shuu and I love matching icons. ♥

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