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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Okay I finally found out what I want for my birthday.

Hetalia: 1st Season

Yes, I could very well watch them on youtube if I wanted to however.. THE ACCENTS OH MY GOD THE ACCENTS ARE PRICELESS. Every stereotypical accent is used for this dub, it's just so amazing.. and for that reason alone, because I really just want to watch it with those accents (and because there's something seriously wrong with me) I MUST OWN IT.


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omg I don't even like Hetalia, but those dubs are AMAZING. xD

Yeah, I thought it was very amazing. Politically incorrect. I NEED THIS! (not like Hetalia wasn't incorrect to begin with, but well the dubs just clinched it)

I think I just died a little. XD

Yeah, I think I really like Russia's voice. Teehee. Definitely need this.

I want to hear more of France and Italy's! Is the dub available for download anywhere, do you know? I'm thinking I might need to own it, too. And what a perfect selection it would be for my first anime DVD!

Hey, hey, I'm going to be removing my LJ friends from my Facebook (unless you don't mind or want super crazy amounts of game spam). I don't use it in any real capacity and you and one other person are the only ones that aren't complete strangers on my friends list there, and I always feel guilty posting nothing but rubbish all the time. I'm sure you probably don't care, I just didn't want you to have an "OMGWTF THAT BITCH REMOVED ME" moment, because if I ever use it for anything but mass amounts of games, you'd totally be the first one I added. /ramble

You know, I don't mind at all. Facebook I don't take very seriously so people can add me or delete me by randomly as I don't take it seriously, I would be way more hurt if in fact you deleted me from LJ so it's all good! ♥

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, the DVD is just very very epic. I MUST HAVE!

omg I wanna watch it but this video is blocked in Japan! *cries*

Wow, it's so weird wearing England with a REAL English accent ROFL. Germany is quite perfect though o_o I really want to hear what Italy sounds like though talking. XD The dub is AMAZING ROFL.

EPIC! Duly noted for birthday list.

Oh my gosh...I'd never seen the trailer for the English dub before, but that was awesome. XD This is definitely a DVD purchase we're looking forward to. :)

I'm so excited for this dub! It sounds perfect and hilarious. I think I'll have to pick France as my favorite because his HON HON HON laugh was the greatest thing ever.

AND AMERICA. "You Frenchies love to hate America. Why not go back to making us hot green chick statues like you used to?" Is it September yet?

HAHAHAHA oh my god

the dub is going to make me get into this show, I swear


I still can't beleive this crack is getting localized.

DAMN, they did a good job with the dubs. It is ten times more halirous in English. XD Which is rare indeed. Also America's "DUDE" lol

Yeah see I was giggling to watch it, I think I watched that three times, just because I couldn't get over the voices. Then after the third time I was like "damn, need to own this!"

Oh. My. God. This is absolutely brilliant.

OMG haha. I had only watched 3 episodes or so of this anime. But I really want to watch the dubbed version of this now. The accents are the best part <3 And Germany is hilarious. Thanks for sharing this ~

Edited at 2010-07-20 12:17 am (UTC)

Yup, Funi has been doing very well with the accents. ^_^ I'll have to get used to Italy, though, cuz that hasn't grown on me yet. It has a Mario flavor to it. XD I especially love how Funi seems to incorporate the favored pairings, so far: USUK and Gertalia. :3 That is appreciated.

So, I totally tried to watch Hetalia and it really didn't do anything for me but omg those accents make me really want to watch it now... XD Yay for stereotypical accents, I think I would actually watch it with those!

Yeah, I think that it makes it better with the accents, because without the accents, it's easy to think of them all as japanese. I like Hetalia but I really wasn't going to buy the series until that version came out. ♥

That's what I thought too... Because if they did have different accents I wouldn't really be able to tell because I'm not a Japanese speaker. (Well, not yet anyways, starting study next semester.) I heard that the jokes are a lot more risqué in the dub version too, because the writers decided to make jokes about things that the Japanese version skirted around. For 25 bucks though, hey, I'll probably check it out when it's released.

Yeah, I've pretty much asked my girlfriend for it for my birthday, which is around the same time. I don't usually ask for anime though.. usually I just ask for something practical, but seriously too good (and cheap) to pass up

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