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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Comment on this entry and I will pick out an icon of yours that I think best represents you. (If you want, pick one of mine out for me. It'll be fun.)

(Deleted comment)

This right here, because you are so fukkin' gangsta.

Hmmm I'd say your Nia or Estelle icons fit you. :3

(yes pick something of mine~)

Don't kknow who he is but I'm definitely getting a 'you' vibe from it!

I get the vibe from you, it's very.. optimistic, and I like the 'faster then the wind' bit in the descriptor

Oh man, I am caught between two actually.




This one was really easy.

This looks like a fun one. Comment? :D

If I ever needed any reason to reaffirm why you are on my flist.. it's because of this icon here.

(Deleted comment)
Well I can tell you easy which one I associate with you.

because hey it's adorable and I've always liked the little lamby (well I think it's a lamb)

Me, please! *waves frantically*

because let's face it, the Muraki is an AWESOME THING! ♥

My favorite Usagi icon from someone who's known me a LONG time!

Give me a whirl~ :)

And I pick this one for you:

It has a peaceful, hopeful vibe that screams you. I dunno... it really caught my attention.

Awww someone chose a Take That icon for me.. ah I ♥ you!

Also because I've noticed whenever you use it and well it's Germany behind the wheel. GET OFF THE AUTOBAHN!

HIT ME even though I suck and we like never talk. :(

It has to be this! ♥ and YOU DO NOT SUCK!

I was tempted to pick a Jr. icon, but I chose this instead because it's who you've become to me!


~And for you:

You seem like such a nice person and a hard worker...and I've always associated Firion with those qualities as well. XD

Ahaha you are easy too!

whenever I think you.. THIS ICON COMES TO MIND. It's like the first and last that I strike upon.

(Deleted comment)

Because it's very GAR, just like you! ♥