Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

First of all my toenail has NOT fallen off. (he's a very light purple, just underneath the nail and I can tell the area underneath my toenail is bruised but it asn't come off or anything, I'm hoping that it just doesn't.) waitaminute did I just call my toenail a 'he'?

we have moved into the house and it's just really very crowded and I feel like no matter how many showers I take, I just cannot get clean enough (for a virgo, this is a disaster).

My room is somewhat close to being set up, at least the basic furnishings and my room is finally cooled down enough to where it's feasible for the cats to want to come and visit me. Lala is glaring at me right now. But at any rate, having my own room is nice, one always have to have one's own space to come back to, full of one's scent and everything. So once I have that setup, it'll be my little retreat. (the place where I sleep regularly is a very private sanctuary)

anyways going off to do more work, thank you for all the good wishes!
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