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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
LIST! (this is the condensed version of this weeks events)

1.) A bookcase fell on my big toe (I am exaggerating, it was really just a heavy shelf). That being said, my nail looks split in half and it hurts to put pressure on, however it's not purple and it's not broken. (Shuu had a Flynn moment and was like "if it turns purple and is broken then you have to go see a doctor because you might get a BRAIN HEMMORAGE! *that was the paraphrasing, there was alot more involved in that sentence, I promise* To also sort of ammend myself, I thought that her care for me was adorable.

2.) No more work at this Walmart, oh boy.. what a day to go out with a bang. 3rd of July will ring in my head as being particularly special now considering that the 3rd of July celebration HAPPENED OUT IN THE PARKING LOT. (Walmart -does- advertise AMERICAN SUMMER). Martine never told me goodbye, but I did get warm goodbyes from everyone else. It just made me feel like I had wasted 7 months being friends with someone who at the end really didn't give a shit, I guess that is the chance you take when you make friends.

3.) Nodame Cantabile is so adorable, Nodame is also doubly cute, I love her and want icons. Those wierd sounds she makes is PRECIOUS.

4.) Time to get back on Day-dwelling hours, at least until friday, maybe thursday if I am lucky.

HOW IS MY FRIEND'S LIST DOING. Sorry for being remiss, just this internet is spotty at best. It's sad that I've gotten ideas for icons and yet MY COMPUTER IS PACKED UP. No creative outlet for me aside from texts to shuufish

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I'm glad it isn't.. it's just the toenail sort of digging into flesh. >.>

(Deleted comment)
Oh thank you, because yes that was perfectly wretched. >.>

That sounds really painful! :/

I need more sleep before I can answer your question, though!

Yeah, oh gods it was painful!

OH lawd, my big toe is feeling some sympathy pain right now.

Are you watching the anime version of Nodame? Or the live-action/drama version? Because I really do recommend the live-action, only because everybody acts in an anime style, which is really unique, I think for Live-Action. Also, the actress playing Nodame is talented, no doubt about it. =)

Ouch >_< Sorry about your toe. I guess that sort of thing is unavoidable when moving.

Good to hear most of your co-workers were sorry to see you go - that means you were popular. I hope you will be as popular at your next job :)

Write down the icon ideas, you might need them later :D

Me, I'm fine, only it's too damn hot outside :(

Ouch. I hope that gets better. Many years ago I had a heavy glass plate fall on my big toe. Painful and it turned the darkest shade of purple/blue, and eventually the toe nail came off.. it was quite eww. But I'm glad yours didn't change colors or anything.

oh my god, well what did the toenail look like, was it a sort of shade of bruised lime green, i mean it's only a really light blue and i don't think the toenail is coming off but still.

It's been since I was a kid, but I remember there was no blood or anything, it was just really painful and the toe nail looked normal except for the fact that it was a really dark shade of blue (navy blue or dark purple...something like that). If your toe nail is just a really light blue or lime green, I don't think the toenail is coming off, I think it's just a little bruised. ~

Ugh, your toe sounds painful! I hope it'll heal quickly. ♥

~Oh, Nodame Cantabile! ♥ I loved the drama for that series. I haven't seen the anime/manga yet, but it looks cute. :)

oh ir ia painful. though it is getting better.

I hope your toe will be fine soon D:

And awww, I love Nodame Cantabile. Though my favorite character is Mine, I think. He's such a dork. XD

MY VERY FIRST ICON REQUEST TO YOU BACK IN THE DAY WAS NODAME STUFF, SO GET ON IT, WOMAN. :D Gosh, I'm so happy that you're really enjoying it, even though I haven't really had much time to be around truly SPAZZ OUT as I tend to do.

I wonder if your toenail will fall off.

oh it's okay, i have not gotten that far into it. but i do love it, and i am looking forward to watching more when we finally get settled. (I want one of nodame's mascot uniform because it is so adorkable)

Oh, I hope my toenail does not fall off! (I keep worrying)

I MADE A NODAME ICON! THIS IS IT! (still need to make moar)

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