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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
1.) Internet is going to get turned off tomorrow in which case we will make the week long preparations that will be necessary. On friday or saturday I will probably head over to the library to use my laptop but as for other then that, it's going to be a moot point. No matter because the days are going to be busy in preparations.

2.) Shuu and I will spend the next couple days in fannish pursuits, we have a really good Umeda/Akiha rp going on (from HanaKimi) and the only reason why I am not USING my Umeda icon is because I made a really pretty Laguna icon and I wanted to show it off. Yes, in my pretend-to-be-humble opinion, Laguna was the best thing about FFVIII, reason two was Kiros, reason three was Ward.

3.) I got a koi-fish steering wheel cover, and matching koifish mats. Yes, sometimes Walmart -can- be ridiculously amazing, especially when I wander over hoping to find a steering wheel cover that will replace my rather ratty one, and I find KOIFISH. *it totally matches my ass tattoo* It also means that either friday or saturday I'm doing a pretty hardcore clean out of my car, going to take it to the wash, and then clean and vacuum it out. Maybe it will help me to stop being depressed over my car and why it fails. Mental note to start saving up monies for the repairs.

4.) Watching the end of Durarara!! probably won't happen until the move takes place. I've been fueled by other things as my interest has pretty much pinpoint shot into it's niche in which I am still fanfagging over Vesperia.

5.) God damn, Laguna sure is pretty.... ♥

6.) Everyone! Stay safe. Have a wonderful 4th of July, have an awesome next week, stay out of trouble and for those few people who will miss me, never fear.. I will be back and probably with more brain-smooge then you can shake a stick at, hopefully until my next update comes, I will not have exploded from it.

Closing Edit: Holy shit.. another FF icon and I think now Firion in headspace has a pet Carbuncle which is far superior to a cat, and who probably alternates between sleeping on Firion and Cloud.

SO ON THAT NOTE:  SEMI-HIATUS *see you next week* ♥
*if you delete me while I'm away, I won't blame you,. not that I want to see anyone go, but if you are doing a friend's cut, I won't be able to answer and such.. or if you just want to delete me for no reason, that's fine too.

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Hoping you have a blast XD

Good luck with your preparations :) Take care and I'll be looking forward to your next update :)

Laguna is gorgeous and quirky and way too young-looking to be squalls father XD I love him so much~

Good luck with the moving!

I'm sure you'll come back to a lot of stupid comments from me, but I'll try o behave. :D

That Laguna reminds me of the girl in the Drama I watched recently. Now I think I should force myself to tackle the game for real.

Laguna for the lulz! I didn't know I can miss him that much until I couldn't play him anymore.

Also, koifish is awesome.

(And instead of Umeda/Akiha, I saw Utena/Anthy instead. X.X)

Somehow, no matter which journal I use, this icon gets put there because it's so true.

Fanfagging Vesperia is a very noble pursuit, I'm right there with you.

Scene with Akiha and Umeda = good.

I can't wait to see your new steering wheel cover. You didn't tell me it was koi fish! Awesome!

Have a safe & fun 4th of July as well bebe!

See you when you get back :)

The koi-fish steering wheel cover and matching mats sound really awesome!

Laguna, Kiros, and Ward were some really neat characters. I love your Laguna icon AND your Firion with Carbuncle one! ♥ :D

Stay safe as well and have a good 4th of July...and a wonderful week too! We'll be looking forward to your next update. *hugs* ♥

Have fun! :D See you when you return~

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