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: Sorry Mario, your princess is in another castle... :

I'm posting with a Schwann icon because in my muse-space and head canon, Schwann never gets enough sleep, it's Raven who gets all the sleep for sleep is not made for knight captains, they keep getting called up and knocked out of bed just before they enter the restful sleep stage (which is in essence what just happened to me, yaybies)

So anyways I love the fact that I'm getting a transfer and so far everyone has been really really very cool about it. There have been promises of 'it's not going to be the same without you here' (which is really quite flattering even if I myself know that life goes on and they will miss me for a little while.. and then I will become nothing but a good memory to some and a good riddance to others. However what is so NOT cool is being the courier between the store manager of the place that I'm going to, to the store manager of the one I'm leaving.

Look. I'm not really clear on the entire process. It's been extremely sketchy for me, and I have no way of knowing which people took which steps and etc. I also cannot see what is on your computer screen, I know what I did.. I put my transfer in the computer system and it took then I pestered both store managers until I essentially got what I wanted. I'm still not clear if the store manager that I'm heading to knows what she's doing, she definitely said that she was going to make the job offer to me when I got there (which is fine I guess because it makes it so that my current store has one less thing to mess up unlike my LAST transfer in which everything just became a big bother and mess at the end.

I'll talk to co-manager Miranda tomorrow night when I attend my going away party, maybe she can shed some light on it and on the whole process. I'm not grumpy about being woken up, I seriously knew it was going to happen because the personnel manager said that the store manager of #1675 was going to want to talk (interview) me and discuss details regarding my transfer.

Oh Schwann, I somehow feel much closer to him now.. it's like we've been bonded by a shared expirience. Except in his case it's usually Flynn and/or Klaus calling him up and the former is usually because the former has to have someone else to pester right after he's gotten off the phone with Yuri, and the latter because he wants to remind Schwann about the paperwork that could really wait a few hours (you know, just in case SCHWANN FORGOT!)

Oiya oiya

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