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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Well before I go into my ranty-rant, I just have to say it is hard to find pictures of 'mommy' and 'daddy' from Durarara!!. (Kadota & Togusa). Mainly because I really like that pairing and so does shuufish Why do I think that Kadota should be drawn wearing an outfit similar to that idol singers?

NOW ON TO THE RAMBLY RANT. You guys are lucky, I got laid last night by the most beautiful girl in the world so that will probably pull my punches quite a bit.

My subject of the day.

Fan Superiority

It happens. That being said, I really just hate it when people adopt that superior attitude. Yes, I've done it in the past. This was back when I was younger so yes, it's probably something in regards to youth, but being older and perhaps a teensie bit wiser, whenever I see it displayed in action, I just go.. "Ugh, why would you do that?" because in all honestly, it leads to feelings of alienation. (there are certain fandoms who actually are pretty good about the fan superiority, like the Hetalia fandom where it's acknowledged that pretty much everything could be considered canon if you look at it hard enough and so everyone is more inclined to be friends.)

Fan Superiority are one of the main proponents behind things like 'anonymous hate memes' and you all know exactly why I hate those. I think that hate memes are weak and childish and I am against absolutely anything that propegates hate in any form. I realize that not everyone is going to like everything in fandom -but- I think that there has to be a certain ammount of tolerance expressed regardless of what pairing you like.

And yes, I think that fan superiority is directly based on pairings.

Why you ask? Because I've noticed that when I've replied to friending memes, I've been more likely to get people to talk to -me- based on if I left some vauge remark on pairings and saying that I don't 'do' them, rather then if I left a detailed list of all my pairings. It is because pairings I think are SERIOUS BUSINESS. We all have pairing preferences even if we don't mention them and I think that if you like even one pairing that someone else doesn't like, chances are that person may not give you the time of day.

It's the main reason why in friending memes, I skip over the people who have a zillion comments, and I go for the people who have barely one, I will look over their interest and find something that I think is awesome, and I will friend them based on that, because everyone likes to feel special and wanted in a friending meme, they want to be AWESOME. I do not add people just because they are friends of my friends, I go out of my way to make the circle bigger in other ways. And honestly, I've seen alot of assholes out there with a rightous sense of entitlement who skip over perfectly awesome people because they want to be BNF and/or popular.

Of course, I also really think that I admire people who are popular in their own right, like myaru and measuringlife who are well respected without having to act childish about it. Their attitude reflects mine: "I like what I like, if you don't like it.. you can gtfo out" (though seriously, they are much more elegant about it)

My call to all the fandom people on my flist: Look for hidden treasures. Quantity does not always necessitate quality. Poke around the crevices, you know.. sometimes the pretties flowers are not the most showy ones.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I used to be sort of a BNF too so I know the mind process. But I was the big RP BNF, I really was a whore, and I commented on everything, I did everything, I got thousands of comments and really I didn't know a single friend on my flist save for a few. I had that sense of entitlement, I wanted to be the leader that everyone followed, I wanted to be into the new thing, the new it. Then well real life caught up with me and I found that I didn't really have time to be childish. Also shuufish did wonders for me, because she was the quiet voice in fandom and that sort of rubbed off on me.

I find more enjoyment in watching animu/playing vidya games with her then I ever did posting alot to various communities, because we can be BNFs.. of our own world.. and no one is ever excluded.

Being BNF is really like being a celebrity, everyone likes you, but you get stalked, your every word is scrutinized and there is ALWAYS, and I repeat, ALWAYS someone who is going to read your words, twist them and then take them back to everyone else so you are painted in the worst possible light. Maintaining a position is harder work then simply 'existing' in fandom.

And for that reason I've adopted a 'go with the flow' attitude.

"My call to all the fandom people on my flist: Look for hidden treasures. Quantity does not always necessitate quality. Poke around the crevices, you know.. sometimes the pretties flowers are not the most showy ones."

You make a very valid point :) Well said.

Not everyone has to like the same thing, the same pairing, or anything beyond that. If we did, life would be boring as hell. :D

Yeah, just sometimes I think that BNFs go around and behave like zombies, you know charge around and infect more people to become their undead legion of pain.

Judging people based on fandoms = lol gtfo.

Anyone can be a good friend, just because they like series x and you don't doesn't make them some awful horrible person. In most cases the people assuming that are the bad ones.

*someone likes series x and they don't, derp.

OH YES! This reminds me of all the "I judge you" secrets over at F!S, and obviously most of them are about a specific pairing or such. I usually laugh at those kinds of secrets because it's just like what you said, "pairings are SERIOUS BUSINESS". And I wouldn't be surprised if it did have a direct correlation between fan superiority (or elitism) and the kinds of pairings within a specific fandom.

Me? I'd like to say I am open to pairings...but in Animal Farm fashion(some are more equal than others?); while I do have preferences I at least respect other ships (because there are and will always be).

Pairings will always exist. I like pairings alot, but that doesn't negate the need of people fo rother pairings.

Someone likes Yuri/Flynn. I can see that and I will STILL LIKE THEM even though yes I do prefer Raven/Yuri. I do not feel threatened by anyone else's taste in pairings, I'm quite comfortable in my own like, I do not need to convert ANYONE.

Fandom Secrets is just really bad blood in general. I've seen more butthurt there then anyone else. I actually think some fandom secrets can be cute (along the lines of "i has a crush on you.. etc etc") but then there are the ones who really just need to not hide. They don't like a pairing, they should just come out and say so instead of posting some passive aggressive shit on F!S and then pretending that they didn't write that.

I am a big proponent of balls in fandom, and honestly.. alot of people talk big but when the end comes they are just worried about what everyone would say if they expressed their preferences for real.

I think there are some points in fandom we disagree on but honestly, I wouldn't dream of holding something as shallow or petty as a difference in tastes against someone. It's unfortunate and sad that fandom inspires some people to behave like a bunch of catty junior high girls and throw basic common sense out the window. Seriously, when did liking your own thing become such an issue? Maybe I'm a diehard optimist but people are better than that.

I think that I just see it alot, because I observe too much. I see alot of good, but likewise I see the bad too. I see alot of people in fandom has cowards who cannot say what they mean, and usually do not mean what they say. I think that they should like what they like and just accept people. It's really just been a growing trend because I've just been in the whole friending meme thing which just seems like a carefully crafted way to wank to your own greatest, I've seen alot of really awesome people getting ignored because they were not cool enough or awesome enough. And honestly that does make the people who participate in it to feel bad.

I really just like the idea of going in there and friending someone, someone who you think you may sincerely like, that person may not have the loudest voice, and they may not really like -all- of the same things that you do, but you never know.

I digress though.

My call to all the fandom people on my flist: Look for hidden treasures.

Normally I avoid friending memes because of the dynamics you mentioned - also, I'm kind of old in comparison to others in my fandom, so joining is an exercise in futility. But. That thing about checking out comments and entries by people who only have one or two comments? I never thought of doing that, and you're probably right: there might be some awesome people out there being neglected just because they like something unpopular.

Honestly, the only thing that'll make me judge someone based on a profile is a claim like this: "I like X/Y, and if you like X/Z, I don't even want to talk to you."

That's okay, fanbrat. I don't want to talk to you either!

BNFdom is seriously overrated. And I say that just from observation.

Me too.. I'm old and set in my way, I think we are probably of a similar age, since I remember you way back from when I first started my foray into the internet and fandoms.. back when I remember your art from RPgamer and such. (your art is still in my folders, where I will lovingly look at it.

People who follow the crowd are quite simply a bit un-interested. I was searching PIXIV, and I remarked to my girlfriend, "You know, everyone in the Durarara! fandom draw/write Shizuo/Izaya, and while I love that, if you've seen one picture of a kiss with a fist, you've seen it all.. where are the -other- pairs." and I think that alot of fandom has become just that, 'herd mentality'. It's sad really.

everyone likes to feel special and wanted in a friending meme
^ aww. True, dat. I like to say hi to the people who've been ignored too, but I doubt my attention is really something people would view as special. |D

I think it's because of pairings being all srs that I can't get into most fandoms these days. I'm seriously complacent about pairings and crap, and I'm basically just too lazy for fandom. /o/

Hetalia fandom is weird. It's so set around pairings but nobody seems to care who ships what, which is awesome! It also breeds crazy fans which I know from unfortunate experience, which is neither here nor there.

On a unrelated note, that is one...interesting set of tags you've got goin' on there. x)

ahaha.. my tags are usually what pops into my head at any given moment. They usually attach themselves to thoughts and then I can't get rid of them.

I'm not all that big into pairings, well I am but I don't mention them except in passing, I am a bigger fan of crack.. really I do all my hardcore pairing stuffs with Shuu.. because she understands my crazed brainspace (whereas alot of people would be like.. what?)

Hetalia is good, there are a bunch of wierdos in the Hetalia fandom but I don't see of any person going I AM THE BNF END ALL BNF.. which is what I like. Love series, not the fandom!

(Deleted comment)
I think that whole being judgemental thing is exactly what is wrong with fandom in general. Sad as it is, I am not quioxic enough to believe that everyone will join hands and sing kumbaya, but I'd really like people to give other people a chance, I do what I can honestly, basically going through friending memes and finding those people who I think have potential and adding them.

It's a good thing I have an asshole alert though, I know how to tell an asshole by exactly how they post. They have this 4chan mentality, it is enough to be hilarious.. it goes quite over another line when you are using all caps and using inside jokes just to be annoying.

Everyone on my flist though is totally awesome! ♥

"My call to all the fandom people on my flist: Look for hidden treasures. Quantity does not always necessitate quality. Poke around the crevices, you know.. sometimes the pretties flowers are not the most showy ones."
~I couldn't agree more to this. ♥

I like what I like, and others are going to like what they like...I feel bad that sometimes it becomes a much bigger deal than it probably should be. I think that's one of the reasons I just kind of keep my opinions about fandoms and such to myself or my LJ and the few very awesome people who don't mind when I talk about that it with them now instead of really being incredibly vocal in fandoms anymore--I'm having a lot more fun that way somehow right now. :D

I never friend people based on pairings and I really don't care what others ship. XD I mostly look at a person's intro post/profile and if they even sound like an absolute superiorist jerkass in it, I won't comment. I've never had an issue about pairings or fandom opinions with anyone I've friended (at worst, we just don't have common interests and never talk to each other.) Communities, though, I tend to stay the hell away from, just because even a good natured joke about anything can turn into a shit storm, especially, say, SpockxUhura in a ST comm. Never say you don't like it. Ever. lolol

Yeah, I lurk around communities but I really figure that what someone says in a community, well it's open arena. Now see when I saw your entry, I sort of knew the sort of person you would be..(I'm referring to that friending meme) because you were actually very succient, you didn't prose on, and you were practical, all of which I think are admirable qualities. It's just that there are so many just ugh people, now granted I haven't had an issue, perhaps maybe four or five years ago but I've sort of gotten a bit more perceptive. I just feel sorry for the people that they undoubtedly DO walk on.

(Deleted comment)
Big Name Fan.. it is pretty much a fan that writes or does icons or something and seems to have a million followers. I got rid of alot of the BNFs on my flist once I decided that world wasn't for me. -_-

...at the risk of sounding like an internet dummy, what's a BNF? ^^;

I tend to avoid wankier parts of fandoms (like anonymous memes, because they almost beg people to be nasty when they don't have to account for their actions. Yeah, I can do without.) And most of my fandoms are either too small to get much unpleasantness or are actually pretty reasonable (Hetalia being a good example. For being so huge, it's one of the most pleasant fandoms I've seen. I've had some minor wank with people getting high and mighty about headcanon, which...makes no sense at all. It's HEADCANON. How can you argue about something like that? But really, it could be so much worse) so I feel like I've lucked out as far as having to deal with that kind of garbage...but seriously, what the hell? What do people get out of judging someone based on their pairings? :| I like shipping, sure, but I've met people who are into couples I could never stand and, shock, surprise! they are actually cool, interesting people. Even though we don't ship the same things, wow! Imagine that.

tldr, I agree with you. And I enjoy fandom but hate fandumb. :>

Oh man, I know what you mean. I hate fans with a "holier than thou" attitude. They're the kind of people who like to put others down because it makes them feel more important in some sick, twisted way. It's revolting. I used to have a friend like that. She always thought she was better than me in so many ways, even though I never challenged her on any level, henceforth making her feel that she has to "prove" she's somehow superior. But back to the subject at hand, I've seen/met so many anime/cosplay fans who have superiority complexes and I avoid them like the plague. Their negativity gets me down and I don't want that, especially when I'm trying to have a good time.

When I look for friends, I always seek ones who seem to be on a similar wave-length as me, if that makes any sense. I try to sense who would be a good match, while also taking chances on others. I believe in giving everyone a chance.

Oh gods, yeah I can imagine.. I've seen alot of cosplay fanfuckery as well. I mean I cosplay.. sort of (meaning that Shuu sews stuff for me), I think that as long as you have fun in cosplay, it doesn't matter, amirite?

I hate fandom politics -_-;; I hate real-life politics too, so it's annoying to come across them in fandoms as well. So, I agree with everything you said ^_^ a pairing is just a pairing, I can't believe how worked up people get over it *sigh*

Also, I'd not noticed that bit about the friending memes... seeing as how I've only done one or two before, but I'll keep your advice in mind, I liked it.