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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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(no subject)
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
Okay enough spamming from me. It's bedtime however..

☆ Played more Vesperia. Emos!Schwann is emos.

☆ Made cuppycakes, they were yummy.


☆ It's sad that I write fandom rants in my head but I really never get them out of my head. I usually write a fandom rant per day (hour if I've spent too much time on the internets. It probably has stuff to do with my age.

☆ Stars new album = ♥, "Wasted Daylight" is especially prettyful.

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I am WAYTOOTIRED to manage to reply to anything else tonight, so I will have to do that in the... whenever I wake up. BUT. Stars, yes. The Five Ghosts is lovely! I think Violent will always be my favorite of theirs though.

I think as far as theming goes, I love the song "Barricade" but then "In Our Bedroom After the War". But oh Stars is really just wonderful and I love the darker lyrics. (like "My Unhappy Ending 1" is so damn catchy)

They're nothing at all like Stars, so this is kind of random, but have you ever heard Devics? I've been told they can be an acquired taste, but they've been one of my favorites for years and I attempt to inflict them on everyone I talk to about music.

No I haven't however if you want to link me to them, that would be utterly awesome. (Hey, I'm always looking for new music!)


Devics-wise, I suggest starting with "Song for a Sleeping Girl", because that's one of their newer, more popular tracks. The others are various favorites of mine. If you wind up liking them, I'll send you the full albums. :)

I also threw in some Sara Lov, who is responsible for the female vocals of Devics ("Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming" lyrics are INCREDIBLE). Some of Laura Marling, who is like crack to me. Then a few songs by the Weepies, followed by Steve Tannen, who is half of the Weepies.

I think my music expresses how mellow I am better than my comments do.

Oh wow, I can't wait... and the devices have a female vocalist.. I love female vocalists.

Now tell me, have you heard Nerina Pallot? (is sort of compiling now some songs that I think you'd potentially like)

sorry, my spelling is atrocious at 4:48 in the morning (rawwrr)

Oh wow, I love Sara Lov's voice.. very beautiful and tranquil. But I am a sucker for a really beautiful voice. You know, I think you'd also like Katie Melua if you haven't heard of her already.

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