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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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: Ellie Goulding :
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
I've actually really been digging "Ellie Goulding" like crazy, her voice is so pretty and she puts such enthusiasm into her songs. So yes, I've really always liked Starry Eyed but then I have been listening to music on my ipod randomly at work and then songs like "Under the Sheets", "Guns & Horses" as well as "Hold My Breath" have come on and I've just been thoroughly and totally in love.

When it comes to music. I like all sorts of music, but I really do adore a good pop song.

Enjoy the music just sort of randomly put out there. I've been wanting something to listen to that's good and pop to take off the hunger until Take That comes out with another album (Christmas 2010.. it's happening! ♥)

Also icon #69 may just be a little risque, trying to brainstorm something semi-pr0ny and/or suggestive.


This may be the most twisted icon I've ever made. Yay for cropping so that it looks somewhat normal (hopefully people who have never seen Durarara!! are imagining that there is a head beyond the neck.)

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It helps, for her (even if this, the first vid, is my first time seeing/hearing her) that her teeth aren't stupidly and blindingly white and that her chorus sounds like she's THISCLOSE to an orgasm, which strikes me as pretty hot for some reason.

EDIT: Because I really like that second song! Huzzah dancy pop.

Edited at 2010-06-23 08:56 am (UTC)

You know, look up on youtube "Under the Sheets"

She writes her own lyrics and I can definitely tell because some of the turns in her lyrics are really quite amazing. I always admire someone who writes their own lyrics, even though people like Saint Gary of Barlow make a killing on writing stuff for people (probably why I like Gary and not the people that he writes lyrics for) but it's always refreshing to listen to something new.

Also you might want to give Gary Go a try if you haven't heard of him already, excellent music there too!

Yeah, I'm really partial to artists that write their own lyrics as well. Acoustic singer-songwriters, in particular, are my cup of tea.

I just had to go google Gary Barlow... I've never heard Take That before.

I will definitely give him a listen. I've been voracious for more new music since that meme we did a couple weeks back.

Ohohoho.. my friend my friend.. well Gary Barlow isn't so wonderful by himself except that he really can write lyrics.. but Take That is utterly awesome.


This little lesbian has a crush on the guy in the purple long sleeved shirt, Shuu's partial to Howard, the guy with the scarf.

Really The Circus Album is amazing, the best one they'd ever done. They used to be all pop, but then they started to write songs that weren't just about "I love you girl.." incessantly and inscessantly.

(Deleted comment)
Did you also laugh at the quirky little hand gestures she does in both videos? 'Cause she does it in the other one Jyuu suggested, too, and I found myself very amused. :P

I really like icon #69! :D

And thank you for the video clips and recommendation...I had never heard any songs by Ellie Goulding before, but these are really good ones! ♥

Thanks for sharing these videos. I'd never heard of Ellie Goulding before and she sounds like she's my kind of artist.

/steals sexy Celty icon >_>;

Glad you like it ♥ and wanted to use it. Yes Celty/Shinra is hot!

Ooooh, I really enjoyed those songs. Especially the second one. :)

That is one sexy icon. Is it sharable? :3

Yes it is! Feel free to take it if you want to use it!

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